Dhanush in remake Ready sets frusturated

The remake of the Telugu superhit movie ‘Ready’ in under progress. This movie is directed by Mithran Jawalar,who had earlier remaked the movies Yaaradi Nee Mokini and Kutty. The Dhanush – Mithran combination has worked out wonders previously. To add to the festive, music for this movie is by Vijay Antony.

Dhanush has also written and sung a song for ‘Ready’. Dhanush who is adding colors to his achievements in each and every movie’s, has turned out to be the ultimate choice of the Director. Dhanush is now currently doing a friendly charater in the movie ‘Seedan’.  Nowadays,the ultimate choice to select the horoine lies in the hands of the hero. It was Dhanush’s opinion to have Genelia D’Souza as his partner in the movie. Genelia D’Souza who had acted in the Telugu version was fixed for 55 lakhs.

But Genelia was always on her phone during the shooting and didn’t concentrate in her acting.Frusturated Dhanush was informed of her love affair,with famous Bollywood actor Rithish Deshmukh and there is strong oppose for her love from the family.

Following which the actor who had given 25 days schedule for the movie had winded up in 18 days. Poor Dhanush is worried that even in Seedan he has no pair.


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