Dhanush demands 7 crore as fees


Cricket-lover Dhanush had been to Mohali with his wife Aishwarya to watch the high-octane India-Pakistan semi-final clash of the world cup match and returned to Chennai the next day.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Simbudevan, a Shankar protégé, approached Dhanush to star in his next film but was stunned by the fee demanded by Dhanush. The actor, who is gearing up for the release of his ‘Maappillai’ in a week’s time from now, is said to have demanded a fee of Rs.7 crore.

The director, who has made films ‘Imsai Arasan 23-m Pulikesi’, ‘Arai En 302-l Kadalvul’, and ‘Irumbukkottai Murattu Singam’ couldn’t have any words to retort as he had visualized the film with a total budget of Rs.12 crore only!

Simbudevan was apparently left wondering as to how he would be able to persuade his producer to pay Dhanush the fee he demands and still manage to sell the film to the distributors at a far higher rate. Dhanush, who has been riding on a success wave with his last four films hitting the bull’s eye at the box-office, apparently wants to cash in on his popularity.

Trade circles say that his ‘Aadukalam’ had collected no less than Rs.11 crore so far at the box-office!



  1. Vinayak

    There is nothing wrong in Dhanush demanding 7 crores (that too after giving four continuos hits) when flop actors like Vijay are given 7 crores as fees

  2. jagadeesh

    Dhanush demanding 7 crores is rite nly.Bcz he is givening continuos hits.And dnt insult VIJAY anymore……………………………….

  3. nanban

    Vinayak, who said Vijay getting 7 crores ? he just get 10 crores only, don’t disclose the secret 😉

  4. learnersreference.com

    danush does movies as per his mamiyars advice…he is the blue eyed boy of top producers…his movies are great entertainers…we can pay him 7 crores

  5. Yaraiyum Madhikadhavan

    Dey vandhuthenda Vandhuthenda, Unga yelarukum veka porae da Happu. Dai Theru kodi yil padukara Nayi nee unakuu 7 kodi ya….Comment update panna Aathanai perum enodiya mairu ku samanam. Ennai Thavirae

  6. Truth

    he definitely deserves 7 crores pa.. and he should share 6 crores with us for watching him n his movies. god alone knows how he became a hero.

  7. maya

    shut up idiot,dont talk rubbish u not at all having any rights to speak abt dhanush,he deserverse everything u only equcal to that ——–,ippadiku dhanush rasiga mandra thatlaivi

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