Dhanush Simbu fight

Dhanush and Simbu fight on-line

Dhanush Simbu fight

Outwardly, they appear to be a good pair of friends. Whenever they come across each other at public events and filmy functions, they speak and spend time like long-lost friends. The camaraderie, however, is sadly missing between actors Dhanush and Simbu when they converse or criticize about the other through social networking sites such as Twitter.

Dhanush had recently made a song (Sachin Anthem) in praise of Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer who is on the threshold of history as the only batsman in cricket’s history to be making 100 centuries in all formats of the game. Dhanush’s song eulogizing Tendulkar was recently uploaded by YouTube, which made Dhanush’s Why this Kolaveri di… song popular around the globe.

Within the few hours the song was on the net, as many as 4.5 lakh viewers had watched the video.  However within a few hours, though, YouTube had taken that song off for reasons best known to it.  Dhanush then went on Twitter saying “Sad dat sum1 removed sachin song link.v worked so hard 4 a week wout a mins sleep.well,I wish all well to d good hearts who did it.

As if to reply to that, Simbu who made international album Love Anthem had said that “Some persons behave very badly….their trend of copying might even put China to shame…”(Simbu’s Love Anthem vs Dhanush’s Sachin Anthem’

Dhanush replied by tweeting “The song was not made 4 any other purpose than my love 4 sachin.and I did whatever I know :)and that’s not much.

Some pple smile at other pple s misery. I smile right back at them 4 not knowin d purpose of being a human being.its called love.”

Simbu then got philosophical and said “Nobody is born as an enemy to the other person….it’s success alone which reveals the person to the world whereas failure reveals the ‘world’ to the person….”

Last heard, the tweeting continues unabated!


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