Dhanush and Shruti Haasan 3 Kiss

Dhanush and Shruti Haasan 3 Kiss

The rumors are strong and scorching real hot, suggesting that Aishwarya Dhanush’s hubby Dhanush and the pretty young Shruti Haasan will share some intimate moments in their upcoming flick ‘3’.While the ‘3’ posters seemed to depict strong shades of were-wolfian love it is heard that Dhanush and Shruti will share a steamy lip kiss on screen as per instructed by on-duty Director Aishwarya Dhanush.

Interestingly Dhanush’s dad Kasthuri Raja will be producing the movie ‘3’.On further inquiry Aishwarya said that (she would give permission) …uh ..we mean, she would consider shooting the particular kiss scene involving Dhanush and Shruti if the situation demanded of it. Moreover, Aishwarya disclosed that she was totally up for the kiss scene since both Dhanush and Shruti are mature professionals who have committed themselves to step into the sandals of the kissy characters.

Ok! Inhale-exhale 3 times (ayayaya) and go re-read the post, and sure don’t forget to post your comments. 




  1. Smile

    If this news is true,Purushana adathava mutham kudukardha padam pidichu ooruku kaatra mudhal penn Aishwarya va dhan erukkum.Super….eppadiye maintain pannunga…..vilangidum!

  2. Vasin

    mmm…Manasuku kashtama than irku…aana Aishwarya ku professional ambitions irntha Dhanush ava solratha ketu thane aaganum….just fake kiss thane…onmayana love irntha not very bad..

  3. Smile

    I object.Acting na enna venumnalum panradha.Edha venumnalum vittu kodukalam but not hubby.Acting avadhu mannavadhu.

  4. Vasin

    Actor a marry pannikara pothu you have to expect it….matha directors solratha ketu Dhanush actresses oda close a nadikarar thane…so now he takes orders from his wife..

  5. Vasin

    Intha profession mattum illa…high flyers na entha field nalum ther will be problems..imagine a high flying finance worker in the city (the London proper square mile) the number of people of the other gender that will approach her/him is crazy..

  6. Smile

    That’s the price they have to pay for their high standards.Its ok in the West but when people in India are also doing likewise,it hurts.

  7. Smile

    Bec India is India!Our culture is different from theirs.Don’t ask why.Then I have to begin with Ramayanam.

  8. Vasin

    Smile….this is an interesting topic to discuss…but you have to avoid using phrases like ‘don’t ask why’, l’leave it’..that you have been using of late. India is India na enna arthom? Culture is different na? We are talking about the cream; they tend to be similar wherever you go.  

  9. Smile

    @Flirt….oh thanks for the Idea!We’ll have 2 rooms.One for Vasin and his wife.The other for me and my hubby.Since u came up with the idea,its ur treat.We’ll send the bill to ur address!What Vasin?

  10. june

    it shouldn’t matter where it is taking place, but intimate scenes are a cheap way to get publicity. Will they shoot bedroom scenes for husband with other actresses too. its wrong.

  11. Vasin

    Rather than just writing what we feel or what our slow moving and often stupid culture tells us it is better to understand what is happening through the views of those involved or trying to make educated clever guesses on how they work it out. Dhanush n Aishwar look a very happy couple; they have worked out a way around this. Could anyone come up with a clever guess on the logics?

  12. Smile

    @Vasin.Style um illai onnumillai.Inime evanavadhu nammala pathi thappa pesikittu varakoodadhunu dhan indha nosecut.Aama brother dhane sonnean.Neenga yean haiyo nu salichikireenga?

  13. DK

    @vvistra..wow kekove yavlo nalla irukku…thats a very good idea..this will be the relevant movie for both of them to make a cameo!

  14. Real Smile

    Hey people….talk of the town!Fake Smile and Fake Vasin are in love!!!!You rock guys…go ahead and get married.You have the blessings of Real Smile(me)and my BROTHER Real Vasin’s ……kuzhandhai kuttiyoda pallandu vazhga!Don’t forget KT enna….

  15. Real Smile

    @flirt….Oops someone removed my comment.It’s ok.I’ll say it again.Pls do book 2 rooms in any posh Hotel of ur choice.One room for my brother Vasin and his wife.Another for me and my hubby.Oh I forgot to add.Fake Smile and Fake Vasin are getting married soon so do book a suite for them as well.If no rooms are available,give them the terrace,a pillow and torn mat….should be fine with them.I’ll send our bill to you.Pls make the payments as this idea was suggested by you so it’s ur treat mr.flirt.If you will not be able to make payment, do let me know.I’ll lend u my American express credit card….

  16. waste

    Kudukura deivam kuraiya pichikittu than kudukum pola….. Rajini sir oda ponnu…even though shes elder to him… real life sweetheart…. Kamala sir ponnu… screen sweetheart. Nejamave there is something called kuruttu yogam… in this world and this is happening for this fellow. Never seen anybody with actually nothing could become like this…

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