Devi Sri Prasad the Romeo

Devi Sri Prasad the romeo in the making
Devi Sri Prasad the romeo in the making

Music composer Devi Sri Prasad is in cloud nine after the music launch of his latest flick Manmadhan Ambu which stars Kamal ,Trisha and Madhavan.After the audio release witnessed by a massive attendance of 8000 fans in Singapore our composer was in a real high.

While many had their eyes fixed on the launch event it happened so that the Man of the Moment was spotted with the very glamorous Lady of the Moment Trisha, accompanying the diva with close attention.

So much so that he even tried the gentleman act of trying to help Trisha with her snacks. Have we got Devi Sri Prasad the Romeo in the making or has the movie gripped our composer too early …

Spotlights on please….



  1. Vasin

    Thrisha has lousy opinions on ARR; going by her words. Pras sees it as her inclination towards musicians hence his efforts. Alright. However going by who Thrisha follow on Twitter Pras may not measure up.

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