Devi Prasad received a call from a mother

Devi Prasad
Devi Prasad

Devi Sri Prasad’s happiness knows no bounds after the well received audio launch for Kamal’s Manmadhan Ambu got over,

The composer who now has 6 movies lined up for 2011. And Devi is eagerly awaiting for Manmadhan ambu movie release this December. He had some great moments throughout the journey and has added one more to his kitty.

Read on as he talks about it,

“I’ve been getting many calls from people saying that their kids love my songs in these films and start dancing whenever they are played on TV. I recently received a call from a mother saying that her child eats only when she plays my songs. It was a moment to cherish for me as I realized that my music has managed to appeal to this little one, who might not even know that these songs have been composed by me. I feel more humbled by these responses than when I receive awards,”

The kids seem to enjoy DS Prasad’s dancing lullabies. A sweet surprise indeed.

The little ones are having a ball.



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