Despite last-minute hiccups, Vaanam finally releases today

Vaanam releases today

There was apprehension till last evening as to whether Simbu’s Vaanam’, which was to hit the screens all over the state, would indeed be releasing or not. The actor is said to be greatly upset at the last-minute unexpected hurdles in the film’s release. Last evening, it was rumoured strongly that the film would be releasing only a couple of weeks later, depending on how quick the problem plaguing it is resolved by the makers of the film.

Though no official word has been out as yet about what was the ‘cause’ of the delay, it is rumoured that Ganesh, one of the co-producers of the film, has had a ‘hand’ in the film not releasing at the scheduled date. Readers may recall that the film, which was to release three weeks earlier, was postponed apparently to accommodate Sun Pictures’ request not to have a box-office clash with its production ‘Maappillai’.

Inside sources, on condition of anonymity, say that Ganesh had allegedly squandered around Rs.2 crores, which proved very vital in the ultimate analysis. Simbu, who is said to be ruing the fact that he refused ‘Ko’ when approached by K.V.Anand initially, is banking heavily on the release of ‘Vaanam’ to somehow offset the disappointment of having missed out on a successful venture like ‘Ko’.

Sources close to STR say that though he won’t admit it openly, he’s been deeply affected by the good-show of ‘Ko’ and that he was regretting his earlier decision to refuse to do it. Fortune has finally come to Simbu’s rescue as the ‘Rs.2-crore’ issue has been resolved, albeit temporarily, paving the way for the release of ‘Vaanam’ today.

It is believed that details as to how the issue was ‘resolved’ would be out in a day or two.



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