Deepika Padukone says no to marriage

Rana girl Deepika Padukone says no to marriage

Rana girl Deepika Padukone might bid her final goodbyes after completing that one golden offer with Thalaivar Rajinikanth. Gossip mills suggest that the hot legs actress is planning to settle down soon with her parents bringing in suitable offers for her amidst her busy assignments. Deepika for now has not said a yes to any of the matches (Yeah …how can she when Mallya Jr. is brewing the wine just fine.)

Recently a 21 year old lad named Varun Raj went on air saying that Deepika could not reject his offer if he went ahead and proposed to her (sure ….dude…we exactly know what you mean).To his dismay Varun had his cards flipped (…..even before proposing) as Deepika felt that the age was a big problem. Varun being a young 21 year old and Deepika being …uh…just more than 21. The whole episode was shot for a TV show and will be aired soon. We also heard that Deepika is taking quite a rest from her movies with Rajini’s Rana being put on hold for now. She had kept away from all offers just to be a part of Thalaivar’s movie.

Deepika…leaving aside the movies we wonder what Mallya Jr has to say on this.


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