Dayanidhi Alagiris Multi Star Plans- 5 Leading Stars Contacted.

Dayanidhi Alagiris Multi Star Plans

The trend in Hollywood, Bollywood is quite different from that of Kollywood. In Kollywood four five megastar don’t come together to act in a single film. This multi star culture is taking the Malayalam film industry to greater heights. In kollywood this trend seems difficult for two reasons; the hesitation showed by the leading heroes and the huge amount they have to be paid. This multi star trend is now no way far from the Tamil industry as Dayanidhi Azhagiri, son of the Central Minister Azhagiri has taken this idea in his hand.

Dayanidhi Azhagiri has bought and released the movies such as Varanam Aayiram, Paiyaa under his Cloud Nine banner. Dayanidhi also tasted success by taking ‘Tamil padam’ which was under his own banner. At present Dayanidhi is engaged in the work of Ajith’s ‘Thupariyum Anand’ and ‘Thunga Nagaram’ played by some new faces. After this he has planned for a mega project which would be directed Venkat Prabhu and will have five heroes playing the lead. The work for the dream project has started. Sources say that talks are being going with five leading stars in the Tamil film industry. It is expected that the confirmed news would be revealed by Dayanidhi Azhagiri shortly.



  1. Anonymous

    Hello Income Tax Department,

    Are you sleeping? Don't you think, how come these guys have got so much money suddenly? In one side, Riteesh is giving Rs.1000 to whomever he see. In the other side, this guy suddenly started taking movies with all the leading stars and directors. Where did they get so much money and have they paid income tax properly.

    Finance Ministry of India will plan to extract tax only from the salaried employees and make them poor, but they don't check these guys.

    Useless Indian Goverment.

  2. Anonymous

    well said, majority of the politicians are corrupt, especially karunanidhi and family.

    Tamil nadu is not going to see an un corrupt politician for atleast the next 20 years.

    Salaried class will continue to pay tax,which will be used for selling 2 rs /kg rice at oustide market price 12 rs/kg. i have personally seen this when i had been to bottimettu check post, where my mama is posted. All officials are also part of this corruption, including my mama, who says his senior has asked him to do so.

  3. Anonymous

    What the heck? God damn it…. Where in the world this f..ker gets the money…. Thiruttu pasanga…vellakaran veliyila irunthu vanthu kolla adichan…intha mathri nayinga namba nattale irunthe kolla adikkaranunga….

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