Craze for Tamil films irks Telugu film producers

Kollywood Vs Tollywood

For long, the neighboring Andhra Pradesh has always patronized Tamil films in a big way. Most of the Tamil films witness their simultaneous release of the dubbed Telugu version on the same day of their release in Tamil Nadu. Superstar Rajinikanth‘s many movies have done exceeding well in their original Tamil version as well as in the Telugu-dubbed versions. Rajini’s ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ reportedly grossed Rs.45 crores in Andhra Pradesh alone.

Bala’s latest film ‘Avan Ivan’ (Vaadu Veedu in Telugu) reportedly collected Rs.18 crores; ‘Rangam‘, the Telugu-dubbed version of the super-hit ‘Ko‘, did very well. So did Karthi’s films such as ‘Naan Mahaan Alla(Naa Peru Shiva in Telugu)’. Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Kanchana‘, which released in Andhra a week before the release of its Tamil version, was sold at Rs.4 crores and according to industry sources, the film has so far collected over Rs.15 crores!

The Telugu distributors have grossed Rs.35 crores in the past two months by releasing Tamil films. Obviously, distributors and theatre-owners prefer direct and dubbed Tamil films as their profit is more than original Telugu films. Even in capital Hyderabad, good cinema halls are said to be ‘preferring’ Tamil films, neglecting Telugu films. The trend has obviously not gone down well with leading Telugu actors and producers.

As a result, a huge voice is raised in Tollywood to increase the 20% tax, which Tamil films pay now, to 50%. The Telugu Films Producers’ Council has also asked the State Government to ‘regulate’ the number of Tamil films released per year. This would not only affect the relationship between Kollywood and Tollywood but would also cut into the profits of distributors and theatre owners!

Observers point out that the tax hike is an act of desperation instead of ‘raising’ the quality of Telugu films on the whole!



  1. nithyajitha

    The bottom line is that its quality all around for tamil films and i advise the telugu guys not to be sour losers.

  2. DK

    OOPS…ippo tollywood’uma??why are telugites,kannadigas,malayalees are so jealous about tamilians??Arjun sarja,Murali,prakash raj,kokila mohan,rajnikanth,Ajith,arya,vishal,dhanush,jayam ravi,napolean,vijaykanth,ivange yaarum tamizhargale kidaiyathu..if i start mentioning non tamil kollywood actresses n technicians,this page will not be sufficient…didnt tamilians accepted all these people??why dont u guys make movies on par with tamil instead of feeling jealous???idhanala than chiranjeevi,mamooty,mohanlal,rajkumar,vishnuvardhan ponravargal avange state’le than famous’a irukange,they are not as recognised like rajni,kamal,surya n vikram..gundu satti’leye kudurai vatturathu niruthunge,learn from tamilians the art of making movies..grow up guys 😎

  3. suresh

    Telugu people are stupid people. Still they take 80s style movies. They even dont know what is quality movie. Full masala minded people only watch some masala movies. They are not developed yet. Atleast they should learn from bollywood or kollywood.

    1. venkat

      hey suresh do u have no right’s to talk’s about telugu films because all 60% of tamil films were remaked frm telugu films u r all assh stroker’s pokiri,kick,vikramarakudu,arundati,eega(naan e),bommarillu(santhosha subriyma) etc……….. were remade frm telugu only u ass sucker

      1. indrajith p

        Hello mr venkat same times in Ap theye releasing lot tamil movie theye no need to remake the tamil movie theye leraning from tami movie bez tamil movie a god father of indian cinima theye know how to make standerd movie. but in TN theye releas telugu movies without remaking no one take risk to see telugu movie thats y tn theye remakeing bad movie as a good movie this the fact u know…..think

  4. Shaurya

    Even though Tamil films are dubbed into Telugu I think I enjoy them as much as the Tamil people do.Tamil films have reached to a significant position in the International Cinema.It has fans all over the world.Rajini Kanth is the highest paid actor in India and the second highest in Asia.I admire Kamal Haasan very much for his bold choice of roles and for his acting Talents.Ajith has mass and style.Other than that actors like Surya,Vijay,Jeeva still continue to Rock the World.

  5. Venkatesh

    Hey guys its not true at all what you are thinking. If the movie is good everybody will watch. Tollywood heros are mostly image oriented and with hero domination to satisy the fans and only mass movies with commercial elements works there. if any different movie without mass and commercial elements, the movie will be certainly flop. You tamil people can watch and produce B grade village oriented movies.. But this village and deglamour subjects will not be accepted in tollywood with our heros because of their mass image. even this telugu dubbed movies are not collecting big money.. if there is 1% collections you people tell it 10%.. those are extras!!! you all do..

    coming to the remakes.. count the remakes of telugu in Tamil…see your holes now!!!! ha ha ha ha

    1. indrajith p

      Ha ha ha funny telugu ppls…ur telugu film not confident in cinima makeing see telugu film are depons on heros but tamil flims depons story and talent.boss Se ur hole first .

  6. Sunny

    Dae..yaar movie yedhuthaa..ungalukku..yenna??….Neengala panam Pottu yedukareengaa…???…. Yenda ippadi Adichin Saagareengaa??.. neenga yellam Indians ahh..thuuu???,,,Telegu people are good.. Tamil people are also good… Indha maadhiri Unity illadhu naaley..Srilanka..ley.. andha maadhiri prechana aagudhu…inga.. yavono kass Sambaarekrann… so better mind ur sentence before u comment on others??…yenna Communal Violence induce panreengala??… Porambokugala

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