Copyright claims on Endhiran: Shankar and Maran are punishable

Endhiran Rajini

Just three Weeks after the latest Rajinikanth blockbuster, Endhiran, hit the screens worldwide, a Tamil writer cum journalist claimed the copyright to the original story of the movie on Monday.

Aarur Tamil Nadan aka Amutha Nadan, who is a deputy news editor with a biweekly Tamil investigative magazine ‘Nakkeran’, lodged a complaint at the Chennai city Police Commissioner’s Office on Monday accusing the makers of Rajinikanth-starrer Enthiran of stealing the story idea from a piece written by him.

In his complain he said, Enthiran’s plot was lifted right out of a short story penned by him under the title Jughiba, which was first published in a Tamil magazine, Iniya Udhayam, way back in April 1996, and then again in a book, Thik, thik Deepika in 2007.

Director Shankar had made a false claim that he had thought about the story line for Enthiran in 1997-98, the writer said.

Speaking to the speakers he said, “I watched Enthiran at a cinema theatre recently after my friends and readers called me up and said the plot of the film, released in movie halls on October 1, was a carbon copy of Jughiba.”

“I was shocked to find that the director and the producer have clearly violated copyright and made a movie with my story as the plot with few cinematic props like song sequences, fight scenes and graphics as additions”, he added.

Producing copies of the printed text of both publications as proof, Tamil nadan urged the police to file a criminal complaint under section 63 of the Indian Copyrights Act.

“I have been in the literary field since my school days. Chief minister M Karunanidhi and minister K Anbazhagan had endorsed my first book of poems in 1983. Later, I participated in many literary shows with Vairamuthu, Mu Metha and Abdul Rahman (Tamil poets). I was awarded the title Kavimaamani’. I continued to write lyrics for many Tamil movies. Shankar and Maran are punishable under Section 63 of Copyrights Act, 1957,” he told further.



  1. Randy

    It’s unbelievable….The writer is claiming because Endhiran is running successfully.. Didn’t he watch the trailer of the movie atleast…

  2. ShankCat

    Guys, shankar is not any different, infact some of his songs were lifted from english movies. If you have seen Antanio Bandres’s desparado bits and pieces of it was used in one of the Shivaji songs.
    This very movie endhiran is derived from terminator/irobot/____man.
    If it was not for Rajini, this movie would not be running even for a week. First of all no one would have funded this 150crores if it was not Rajini.
    He got an instant sellability with big celebs like Rajini & Aish.

  3. kanna

    ada paavigala tamilla shankar dhaan eedho peria budget padam la edukkrar adhu pidikkalaya?
    nee enna sonnalum onnum pannamudiyadhu pa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ss

    oru tamilan muneradu oru tamilanuke pidikala, thats y complaining about shankar, he did with courage he took a risk shankar none another director did it

  5. Enna koduma sir ithu!

    its a story inspired from d writer sujatha’s En iniya Endhira.. but he s no more  to claim the copyrights!! so all r claiming..

  6. Mohan

    Wat thz person told may b rit r it may b wrng. Shankar z not a unique person to thnk lik thz and all he might got thz stuff frm sumwhr.. Another thng everyone should notice is WHEN SHANKAR IS PRODUCING HIS FILM IS A LOW BUDEGET FILM BUT WHEN HE IS DIRECTING HE IS TRYING FOR A MILESTONE BUDGETING FILM WAT Z THZ? people should realize the truth. A person named Shankcat commented beautifully. It is the exact scenario which prevails if rajini z not the actor thn maran wouldnt spent thz much for thz film.

    Moreover If u gv thz subject to a normal Director he may complete the project within 10 or 20 crores with graphics and animation. Its a criminal waste of money. Instead of taking a film for 200 crore if he soent just one crore to serve the people he may be a GOD for many families. No one Realize this. what to do its all fate.. we can simply sit and watch thats it 🙁

  7. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    story may be from that story…………. but each and every scene…………… the dedication ……………… the creativity…………….. the hard work of shankar and rajni………… is not a joke………… shankar’s movies like kadhalan ( panakara ponna ella payan kadhalikran……………), jeans ( ippa varaikum enna story nnu therila) were a massive hit……….. even though they didnt have such a strong story…….. just because of the screenplay and creativity…………. anbe sivam is having such a beautifull story………… mahanathi had such a brilliant story, star cast, talent everything y they were not  able to collect atleast half of the collection that thirupachi did…………..

    what ever it is …………….. shankar did a great job……………………………. hats of u rajni………….

  8. hilarious

    well, even if its his story they can’t be expecting all directors to read everything that is published. LIKE COME ON…that is too much of a work. so what if he thought of the same idea….honestly, creativity comes from taking someones idea and making it yours by adding elements of your style. And thats what shankar did.

  9. guy

    yes i agree with u! this is one reason why india is still a developing nation! no1 lets any1 ‘go up the ladder’.. they all have this ‘u go up and i must come up with u, if not no need to go up’ attitude! get a life dude! jus bcos some1 claims that it is their story it doesnt mean it’s true! same thing happened when dasavatharam released. and we all dunno wat happened after tat! did it take this guy 3 bloody weeks to report this news? why cant he complain during the next few days? thinking how to make use of this situation where he can make money?

    watever u guys say tat shankar copy this and that, he need to be really smart to come up with a movie like endhiran! he’s got the talent! and we shld be happy tat he’s taking tamil cinema to world level! so appreciate it instead of always criticising someone. if shankar takes a movie like boys, also u all criticise and endhiran also u do the same! i think shankar deserve better audience!

  10. puthiya endhiran

    i agree with enna koduma sir. this is purely sujata’s story..why other tamil nandu so busy body

  11. sweety

    😎 this is not a probs .ya writter was affected becaz basic idea is his own imaginination but oly the writing part  is not familiar to all when it came in cinema oly these are familiar.cinemas are released for entertaining purpose oly so we just appreciate this movie oly.

  12. sanju

    i agree with u!what u said was100% true.makkale pls aduthavangala kutham solluradha vittutu unga vellaiya parunga! 😎

  13. sachin

    its a story of sujatha.. its being shown in d title s tat d script s sujatha.. Comeon! everybody knows it.. y this kind of new confusion? who s this tamilnadan?? from whr s he arised??

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