Controversial actress Nikita to star opposite Karthi

Kannada banned Nikita to star opposite Karthi

The Kodana Kodi item girl Nikita Thukral has finally found some relief as she has been roped in to star in hit-maker Karthi’s soon to follow film. The actress will be seen in a supporting role as queeny lady Anushka Shetty is already part of this new movie with Karthi playing male lead opposite her. Since the actor is busy with his present engagement Saguni this new movie with Anushka and Nikita will start rolling only after completing the Saguni schedules.

The movie will have a universal theme revolving around both the city and rural villages .Anushka’s character romances Karthi in a much modern way compared to Karthi and  Nikita’s double chemistry which unfolds in a rural backdrop. Kolly fans will remember that it was the same Nikita who was embroiled in controversy regarding her alleged illicit relationship with Kannada actor Darshan. Following which the Mumbai born actress faced a 3 year ban from the Kannada Film Producers’ Association (KFPA) on 10 September 2011. However barely two days after ban, the Kannada Film Producers’ Council (KFPC) revoked the ban due to the timely intervention of Parvathamma, wife the legendary Kannada actor Rajkumar, who is widely respected in the industry.

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For the moment chikita-Nikita has gladly hopped in for the Karthi project and is looking forward to some happy days. (Now was that ban a blessing in disguise for  Nikita we will have to wait and watch.)  



  1. unknown

    i like to see Anushka in lead. good that Nikita is only supporting role
    Anushka will do a much better work than Nikki.

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