Comedian Vivek to turn Musician Vivek


With directors turning heroes in increasing numbers and producers doubling up as heroes and even lyricists turning heroes, it shouldn’t be a surprise if one of our leading comedians will be turning as a music director in the coming days; in fact, the comedian in question here appears to be too competent to do so!

Not many are aware that frontline comedian Vivek is a more than competent keyboard player. His competency in the keyboard would make even established music directors drop their jaws in awe, it is said. He is also said to be equally competent in playing harmonium, sources close to him say.

How did he gain competency in playing harmonium? There is one small story behind it. Vivek grew up in the company of his grandma, who used to lend money on interest to needy persons. One of the borrowers happened to be a poor musician who mortgaged his harmonium in return of some urgent money he needed at that time.

The musician never returned to reclaim his harmonium, which was spotted by Vivek who started playing at it rather casually. As years rolled on, Vivek gained competency in playing it, apparently without the aide of anyone.

Do we have a music director waiting in the wings?



  1. Vasin

    That is good. Engaluku siripu venaam. Thamilar over’a sirichukarom. Jokers aayitom. Mudiyumna, problem ethum varathuna, sirikaravan illa joke adikaravan thaniya maatikittana palar’nu kannathla podunga.

  2. Vasin

    Why? You spend time with your girl both relieving each other. Ethuku Hero Comedian engra divide? Marupadiyum jaathi undu pannara maathri irku. Neenga thaame Brahmin Brahmin nu satham poduveenga! @m you are out of your depths. Paane’la illa polriku!!!

  3. Vasin

    Illena get into something deep. Naanga inga a few engineers through cultural revolution energy recyling project onnula involved; apdi ethachum pannunga. Depth illama penathatheenga! 

  4. Overhype

    Oh dear load…. Ivanunga tholla thanga mudiya…. Tamil Actor Actress Directors ellam periya pundungigaa….  Tamil Industry lost its all charm and beauty…  Music instrument thodavan ellam music director ah….  Please god… I want one sunami to wash away all this cini and politics idots…   En Tamil makkagalukku viduthalaya kodunga….

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