Nayantara Trisha fight

Cold war between Trisha and Nayantara?

Nayantara Trisha fight

It appears that old foes Trisha and Nayantara have re-started their ‘cold war’ which had witnessed a lull during the past year or so. Trisha, who has been in the industry now for a decade, nevery saw eye-to-eye with Nayantara on many issues. However hard she might try, Trisha hasn’t been able to overtake Nayantara in terms of fee per film. The fact that Trisha looks ‘aged’ doesn’t help her cause either.

Nayantara, on the other hand, looks as beautiful as she has always looked, and has bagged quite a few number of good projects on her comeback after splitting from Prabhudeva a few weeks back. In the past, Trisha has bagged films which were announced with Nayantara in the lead and Nayan had also ‘returned’ the compliments by bagging a few projects which had Trisha in the lead.

Nayan was first signed up as Vijay’s heroine in Kuruvi wherein she was later replaced by Trisha. Nayan hit back by bagging Vishal’s home-production Sathyam after reports suggested that Trisha might step in as Vishal’s heroine in the film. It’s a different issue that both Kuruvi and Sathyam were failed ventures at the box-office. Nayan and Trisha are also endorsing the same brands produced by a leading textile showroom in Chennai.

Trisha purposely released on Twitter a picture showing her in close proximity with Prabhudeva, former beau of Nayan, apparently to irritate the latter. As if to hit back, Nayantara got close with Rana Daggubati, said to be a close friend of Trisha, at a recent function in Hyderabad which was give wide publicity by the television channels and the print media.

Last heard, Trisha is said to be contemplating her next move!


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