CID Meets Nadigar Sangam’s For Help to Trap Ranjitha

Ranjitha wanted by CID

The sex video clip of Nithyananda-Ranjitha which was released by Sun TV created a shock wave country wide and of course Nithyanand-Ranjitha scandal issue became the most searched topic on the internet.

And Ranjitha has been in hiding ever since the video was released. Forcing the director of  “Therkatthi Ponnu” serial telecasted in Kalignar Tv to remove her from the role  and  also the scenes involving the actress have also been removed  from Mani ratnam’s Raavanan movie and re shot using another actress.

Ranjitha’s Advocate had recently made a statement saying Ranjitha wanted to restrain from public life.

Click here to read the Press Statement released  saying I am not a devotee of Nithyananda but have met him

Karnataka CID police are busy in search of Ranjitha in order to enquire  and find out about the involvement and the role the actress played in the sex scandal video issue.

The latest news is that CID is reported to seek the help of Nadigar Sangam’s to get to closer circles of Ranjitha,in order to findout where the actress is hidden.

Earlier Sarathkumar, Nadigar Sangam president has said that the Sangam would not  be taking any action against Ranjitha as Nadigar Sangam cannot interfere with actors personal matter.

Watch Nithyananda at the prison

Will Nadigar Sangam help CID to trap Ranjitha out of her hide out? Let us wait and watch.



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