Charmila bedroom scene

Charmila claims foul play in bedroom scene

Charmila bedroom scene

Remember Charmila, the naïve teenager who debuted as Prashanth’s heroine early in his career with the film Kizhakkae Varum Paatu? Despite some melodious numbers and a decent enough script, the film failed to click at the box-office for some reasons. Charmila didn’t have a very successful career in Tamil but moved to Telugu and Malayalam films for a living.

After a long hiatus, the 30-plus Charmila returns to Tamil films. She plays an important role in the upcoming film Naan which has music director Vijay Antony debuting as hero in films. Charmila, who looks pretty, youthful, and sexy, plays the mother of Vijay Anthony in the film. When she was signed up to play this role, she was reportedly told that her character might have ‘shades of grey’.

Charmila now claims that the director Jeeva Shankar has played ‘foul’ while filming a sequence involving her. “I agreed to do the film knowing very well that my character would not be shown entirely positive. All of a sudden, he told me to star in a ‘bedroom sequence’ which I steadfastly refused as I hadn’t been told about it at the time of signing the movie. In fact, had I known that I’d be asked to do such a sequence I’d have surely opted out of the film.

“After I told Shankar that I won’t be doing the scene, he asked me to wait for some time. After some time, I watched a junior artiste going out of the shooting spot wearing the same costume that I had on my person. It was only then I realized that the director had used another actress in my place for this particular sequence so that he could show the same to the audience.

“As I told earlier, had I known about the bedroom sequence, I’d not have taken up the film’s offer at all. I have a family; I have my child to whom I’m answerable; really, it’s sad that the director used a ‘body double’ instead of me and had gone ahead with the shooting of the sequence without seeking my consent of informing me about the same.

“I have a family and a child and I can’t be seen starring in such sequences. I, therefore, appeal to the director to delete the sequence shot with the body double,” says Charmila.


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