Boyfriend Raphael rejects Divya Spandanas marriage proposal

Boyfriend Raphael rejects Divya Spandanas marriage proposal

Divya Spandana has had her share of ups and downs in the industry with not many offers falling in her kitty of late. Guess what? our lovely ‘Kuthu’ Ramya recently went on record saying, “I didn’t get suitable roles in Tamil” to the disappointment of her Kollywood fans. (Now isn’t that too heavy a shot). The bold comment came in after the lady was inquired on her fee hike to Rs.32 lakhs in the Kannada industry.

Howsoever her rough ride seems to have spilled over to her personal life too. In fact many thought she would soon be settling down with her Jewish-European boyfriend Raphael (whose name translates to ‘blessed’, has been tattooed on her neck, she personally confirmed the same) whom she met at a New Year’s party in Lisbon. Later the couple was seen getting cozy at the celebrity cricket match held at the Chinnasamy Stadium in Bengaluru. But rumors are afloat that last night when Divya called up Raphael and told her about her inner desire to get married, her man was taken by surprise to ask her to go slow on the ‘thing’. The incident hasn’t gone well with Divya who has been avoiding all her calls from abroad. Apparently their ‘blessed’ relationship has hit a rough patch according to close sources.

Come on Divya, pick up the phone may be he’s had a change of mind.




  1. Smile

    That’s so bad of him.Namma oor aambalainga kitte enna illainanu Vellakarana pudicha??Vechan aapu.Thevaidhan.Ippovavadhu vellakaran buthi pinn buthinu purinjirupa.”Blessed”nu peru vechutu “worst” velaiya katirukan payapulle.Palliku porandha baymani.Aalum moonjiyum.Iniyavadhu Divya ava pozhapa pakattum….

  2. Vasin

    Aniyayauthuku elthare Smile! Ippo kalyanam venam nu solrathla enna thappu? Nambakitta illatha strength polishness frankness treating his wife as an equal ……ellam vellakaarankitta irku. When nude whites look much better than us; namba dicks darker than our body skin so konjom asingama irkum…ethuku poi sollanum..

  3. Vasin

    Ha Ha…Smile why deleted your comment ‘Disguesting fellow.Is this how you speak to a woman??Don’t u have any culture??…’ Illa nee nambaluku enna koraichal nu ketrinthe; athan elthirinthen; I guess I wrote it rather civilly.

  4. Smile

    Yes i removed my comments bec i just realised that i should be more civilised and to reply to that comment is like throwing a stone on dirt.It will eventually get on my face.

  5. DK

    she deserves it..over’a film kattuna ippadi than..intha madri arrogant’a irundha velinaadu’le ille yenguyum unakku paiyyan kidaikamattan…ponnu madri adakam azhukkama irunthuko divya spandana..thikka kobbu jasti thorisubeda!

  6. Vasin

    Ha Ha..Paarthute iru..Vellakaaran pinnadi than nee pove…Ranbir Kapoor a etho pichakaarana solra maathri solre…

  7. Smile

    @Vasin…I didn’t know you were a part-time astrologer.Eppadi correct-a naan vellakaran pinnadi dhan poveanu solreenga??If it’s a curse,then i am not worried bec ungala madhiri vakkra budhi ullavanga sabicha kandipa adhu nadakdhu.Vellakaran yen pinnadi suthuvanu sollunga…adhu konjam namburamadhiri erukku.

  8. Vasin

    Thappu than; nee pinnadi pove nu naan mean pannala; on ego ku nee epdi pinnadi pove? Pinnadi suthara yaravathu oru handsome vellakaarana choose panniduve; namba pasanga pavom? No No Your ego will stop you.

  9. Smile

    @DK…..Papa ansuthey Divyana nodudhrey.Adhre neevu heldange kobbu jasthiney.Atleast eega avana bit bitu avaldhu kelsa nodli….

  10. DK

    @smile..yenri nimge yella bashe’nu gothu anusthe???yee divya bagge nimge gothilla..yaaro vobba makeman kappalege vodthubitlu..thumba ahankara ri ivalge..nodthra devaru volle paata thorisuthane..adhare smile neevu yenge ishtondhu bashe mathasuthira??nangu yella south indian language gothu..parvagilla ri neevu multi talented 🙂

  11. sumithra

    hi i want just tell something to u girls r not for fun ok!don’t repeat this again. boys all r thinking girls r just for fun!!!

  12. Smile

    Eppo kalyanam vendam but “enjoyment” mattum venum.Unga aambale vargame edhudhane.Sumithra sonnadha 100% correct!

  13. Smile

    Neenga vera….I said eega avana bitu bitu avaldhu kelsa nodli means atleast now she should leave him and concentrate on her work.My Kannada is not that bad….

  14. Smile

    @DK.Nangu gothu Divya thumba head-weight antha.But enadhru ondhu hudugi alva.Obba love madi mosa madbitta antha helvaga kashtane alva.Adhike naan Divya papa antha heldhey.Even I know all south Indian languages but I have to brush up a little on Telugu.Good to hear that you know them too.Well,it’s not difficult just practice is what makes one perfect.

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