Both Ilayaraja and A R Rahman for Mani Ratnams Ponniyin Selvan

Will history be re-written? Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan has already created much hype even though all official announcements regarding the movie are yet to be made.

Now we heard it through the grapevine that director Mani Ratnam is going to achieve the unimaginable. Buzz is that the veteran director is trying to make amends for the creative indifferences caused between Isaignani Ilayaraja and Isai Puyal AR Rahman and if things work out fans can expect a historical musical extravaganza.The movie is already boasting of some big names that include Vijay,Vikram,Vishal and lately it was Mahesh Babu who joined the team.The director surely is going to set new records if he gets both musical geniuses to board the same ship given the fact that Sun Pictures is funding in a mammoth 200 crore for this monumental offering based on Kalki’s novel Ponniyin Selvan.

It maybe recalled that Mani Ratnam earlier suggested Yuvan Shankar Raja’s name for a Bollywood flick which the composer has already started working on as he had confirmed the same. Now that surely signals more than enough.

Will history be rewritten with this magnum opus offering?



  1. kaviyarasi

    No, Ilayraja sir is the greatest, He should be sololy doing. He is aMaster.

    We dont want rehman.

    Raja sir giant. in front of RAJA sir rehman will be shivering.
    by the way

    RAJA sir for music better Rehman for sound engineering.

  2. music fan

    Illayaraja  – Song Composition & Re Recording for whole film
    A R R       – only Song’s bgm music

    Mani sir please do this combination,and
    If this made, it will be ossome…

  3. Nayak

    hey idiot. Oscar is not everything. If people had more exposure and if internet had been more prevalent in 80’s and 90’s, in India, then Ilayaraja would have won an oscar that time itself. So dont be so ignorant and stupid.

  4. Kaviyarasi

    First maniratnam , Sun pictures ethuvum thevai illai

    AVM or Shivaji production with
    BLAA or AMEER or Suresh Krishna and others better! because maniratnam is not clear he is confused in his style nowadays

    only Nayagan and Agninatchathiram and Bomabay was good

    BLALA the perfect director who gets proper work from everybody.

    Better AVM or Shivajo Production

    SUN picture Kollai Yaduthathu pothum

  5. Vasin

    I have listened to a few Illayaraja songs. Nanna irku aana compact illa. ARR songs nanna irku aana eppavum etheyo copy adichu pannara maathriye irku. So I think if the better sides are combined we would have good songs. If bad sides are combined???????

  6. karthi fan

    Enna machi solra nee? u heard only few songs frm ilaiyarajava? appo michathu ellam? nee poranthathe waste machi.Ama athenna compact? Ilaiyarajava pathi ipdi sonna muthal aalu nee thaan.U poor fellow man.

  7. karthi fan

    Corecta sonna nee 😀 ithu verum AVM studiole vechu mudikalam within 10C ivanuka pana koluppu eduthu alaiyuraanuka.Ponniyin selvanla nadikka thakuthi ippo yarukum illa.Vanthiya thevan,Arulmolivarman 2 charecterlaiyum nadikka thakuthiyanavanga 2 peru ippo sethu poittanga onnu MGR innonu Sivaji.Venumna Karthi and surya ok then direction shuld be any other guy but not Mani.Ithellam illaina padam kandippa oothikkum.

  8. Vasin

    Oru instrument aayiduthu; aprom innonu start; naduvila connection illatha maathri oru sense. Enku periya music sense kedayathu. But I felt like although the songs sounded original and brilliant they were not very tightly knit.

  9. Vasin

    Namba poraka munnadi vantha Annakli songs check pannen. Munnadi ketriken; marupadi orvaati enjoy pannen. The songs are so original.

  10. karthi Fan

    Romba yosikka vaikkira nee, appo  yaaruthaan unna thriupthi paduthuna let me know, illa jok pannala  I want to know series.

  11. Overhype

    Illayaraja is genious by a psyco… He will never work with A R Rahman… Let see how it goes… More over I have Maniratham noways…  He also fck with bollywood though we have so much talent in here.. As one my friend said… I dont think he will do good with this…  He is going kill ponniyin selvan….

  12. Aravind

    ARR is a copy cat…….he uses the composing of Yanni for most of his back ground scores and also copies his stlye….

  13. Vasin

    Cool’ra Machi Cool
    Kelra Machi Kel
    Elayaraja may be Oru Kaalathla Pannan Thool
    Athukaga Avan Perfect’nu Solla Mudiyuma Sol

  14. kaviyarasi

    We want bala sir for Ponniyin Selvan

    with all new comers Music Ilayraja sir

    better Shivaji production or AVM

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