Bookies bet on Aishwarya Rais child

Mankatha behind Aishwarya Rais child

It’s Game on! for bookies who have shifted their attention from the cricket world cups to betting on new born arrivals, and yeah not any new born arrival. We are talking about queen Aishwarya Rai who is expecting a child this November. Howsoever the fact that the numbers 11-11-11 seems to be the magical November day has set betting rackets in a frenzy as this special day comes only once in a century.

 The bookies have placed their bets on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 20 eleven just because they felt too much eleven. Infact it is also said that Ash is expecting twins this 11.11.11. (Now, lets see 1+1 = 11 btw 1+1 = Twins….Eureka …that means 11= Twins …we just broke the secret seal open….it’s confirmed…you too can place your bets on the same day…guaranteed victory….courtesy Kollytalk) .The twin part of the story was earlier predicted by an astro-numerologist (so even the numbers and the stars are with us this time…..see we told you).Doctors have said that the delivery is due on the second week of November and eyes are glued to see this November phenomenon to be unveiled on…mind you 11 – 11 – 11  .

Will this Mankatha  create some new records? Don’t forget to shout in your bets at the comments section below!



  1. anan

    ullagathiliyae endha amma  thaan kozhandhai pethukuraangala.????… edhuku oru bet vera, velai vetti ella pola 🙂

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