Bollywood’s Prachi Desai finds Arun Vijay unlucky

Prachi Desai

The stunning-looking Prachi Desai was signed up to play actor Arun Vijay’s heroine in the upcoming film titled ‘Thataiyara Thakka’. Arun Vijay, who has tasted reasonable success in the past with films like ‘Malai Malai’ and ‘Maanja Velu’, was looking for a fresh face when he came across Prachi and promptly signed her up.

Prachi has a few Hindi films to her credit in ‘Rock On’ and ‘Life Partner’ and is not new to the camera as such. Though she was courted in the past by many Tamil film directors and producers, Prachi had always turned down those offers citing non-availability of call-sheet dates. She was reportedly offered a huge sum to star in Arun Vijay’s film and was also paid a ‘good’ advance amount.

When the shooting kicked off, Prachi returned to her native Gujarat without shooting even for a single day saying that, she had to take care of her ailing father. Arun Vijay, in the meantime, finished other sequences which didn’t require Prachi’s presence and was eagerly waiting for Prachi’s return to Chennai to shoot her portions as well as the song sequences.

When Arun Vijay rang her up, Prachi didn’t even talk to him. His continual efforts to get in touch with her didn’t bear any fruits. It later came to his knowledge that some of his ‘detractors’ had spoken to Prachi about him being ‘not-so-luck’ for newcomers and his career graph. After listening to them, Prachi reportedly decided to walk out of the film.

Unfazed by his detractors’ acts, Arun Vijay has already launched his hunt for another new heroine!


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