Bollywood Offers pouring in for Surya

Surya improving his grip in Bollywood
Surya improving his grip in Bollywood

Surya has captivated everyone with his impeccable performance in Raktha Charithra 2.  As  expected by many the actor has made a thundering Bollywood debut and made a real impact on the Bollywood fraternity.

News now is that many from the Bollywood industry are knocking his doors and they want to rope in the actor for another action movie  after watching a spell bounding performance by the action hero in Raktha Charithra 2.

Our industry source reveals that a noted filmmaker has approached Surya for a film opposite one of the reigning queens of Bollywood.  “It’s a big project but everything is kept under wraps for now. It’s a romantic film by a well known director and he plans to cast Surya opposite Priyanka Chopra. But both the parties are still in talks,” said the source.

Well Surya had already made his stand regarding whether he will shift his base to Bollywood or not. The star had earlier disclosed that his priority for Tamil cinema will see no change while he is open to do good Hindi movies that will come along.

Meanwhile there is also news that Surya is expected to play lead in another Ram Gopal Varma flick ‘ The Businessman’ a trilingual to be made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.

Surya definitely seems to be a busy bee for the moment.Keep checking this space for more updates.



  1. Tamil

    Always Hardwork pays …
    Keep on giving the different Acting to us. Which will make you to atten the first place in this field. Never change your path …(Atleast you Dont nominate in election)

  2. Vasin

    I believe an actor should act in similar characters. With every new movie he should make his style more and more convincing. Then he is really modelling a character and could become a role model. I would have seen more than 10 Rajnik films and in them more or less he is always the same man. 

  3. sandy

    mokkai  movie  raktha  charitram  utter  flop,  dai  paradesinglaa  summa  scene  ah  podadhinga daa dee  mayir  ah  vetti,  mayire  valathu,  getup change panni  pandradhilla  acting  ,  apdiye kuda  pannalam da  naadharinglaaa,.,.,  vijay  rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss    suryaa  punde  sucksssssssssssssssss

  4. nithi_gal

    Sandy…learn to respect ppl talent! Surya is a talented doubt! I love Vjay too..I love his dance. But I guess he failed to select the right story for him. I dun understand why you so ’emotional’ abt this news…If u dun like Surya just shut ur fuc**n mouth and dun watch his movies! No one forced you to watch his movies!!

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