Bodhidharman temple to be constructed in Kanchipuram

Bodhidharman temple to be constructed in Kanchipuram

Bodhidharman temple to be constructed in Kanchipuram

The latest topic of discussion in tinsel town happens to be an upcoming temple in remembrance of the great monk Bodhidharman. The mysterious man who traveled all the way to reach China is believed to have his roots in Kanchipuram – the city of a thousand temples. Quite befittingly so, the Bodhidharman temple too will be constructed in Kanchipuram according to fresh reports.

Now it can be recalled that director A.R. Murugadoss, 7aam Arivu producer Udhayanidhi Stalin and 7aam Arivu hero Suriya did express their disappointment on being ignorant about the great Dhamo earlier. Infact producer Udhayanidhi had even received letters from fans saying that he should do something to spread awareness about Dhamo, after watching the scenes from the movie where the Chinese speak high about the great Dhamo, while many Indians remain dumbfounded when questioned about his highness.The fact that the Dhamo a great martial art exponent and the holder of ancient secret of ‘nokku varmam or nokku marmmam’(attacking the vital spots by looking (nokku-marmmam)(nokku = look in Tamil) or pointing (cundu-marmmam),(cundu = point in Tamil)) seems to have been completely erased from our minds despite the fact that he who was born in the Pallava capital of Kanchipuram itself. (Nokku varmam is the most awe generating and is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.)

Now while Udhayanidhi Stalin  is busy with his OKOK shoots we guess he would take out some time to satisfy his to-be devotees …. Oops !!! we meant fans. 🙂




  1. Mugil

    What are you talking about? That knowledge was already here, he went to share it with others. If we have forgotten then what can he do for that.

  2. masy

    indians have been left out many amaizing skills like this till 2day other cultures use our indian skills better than indians…this movie is 1 of a example that v shud realise deeply

  3. raj

    u should know one thing that  the knowledge was already here which is not b’coz of bodhidharma it is of someone else & bodhidharma talents are  not used in india & it is used in china so they bulit a temple for bodhidharma in china, why u want to  build temple for him?

  4. Mugil

    What you are saying is true. But why should we be selfish, we should also appreciate one of our guy spreading this knowledge to others. Thats why even though we have some of it still here, others which we have forgotten might still be preserved in Eastern countries. And now they give great respect and pray to bodhidharma because of that, they haven’t forgotten it. 

    Practically also it is great opportunity for Shaolin and Kanchi to share a connection and maybe even start working together. No need to say that this will improve diplomatic relations with china.

  5. guy

    watever ppl say, 7am arivu has won! it’s a landmark film in tamil industry! not all movies will be remembered after crossing 100 days, but 7am arivu will be remembered even after 100 years and many generations bcos it enlightened all of us!

  6. SB

    instead of building temple . . . follow our real culture properly . . . all are just praising that we are great tamilans but anyone atleast followed it ?

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