Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur head for divorce

The good times of a past relationship
The good times of a past relationship

Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur got married on 21st October 2007 after dating each other for four years. Well now it’s almost another 4 years after their marriage but things are not running smooth for the couple who are heading for a divorce.

Both of them are usually seen hand in hand during any public event but their recent appearances made things look suspicious as the couple were not seen together a lot. It is said that Bhumika came to know about Bharat having a soft spot for another woman whom he had met some time back.

Later when Bharat came to know that Bhumika was aware of this relationship he desperately tried to cajole his wife and win back her trust. Unsuccessful at his attempt it only worsened matters further as Bhumika left him and started living with her parents who are offering her all the support and strength to go ahead with her decision at the moment.

Another perfect case of an infidelity driven divorce.



  1. Vasin

    Ithu romba over. Untoward’a ethachum nadanthirunthichna pirinjukalam; soft corner’kagava? Yaaruku thaan athu varathu?

  2. aravind

    Very sweet gal…..hmm so sad for her married life….yenada entha ponnu keta enna ella…yen da ellam yeppadi alaiureenga

  3. dilip

    panparag vikkuravan maadhiri irukaan..ivanuku bhoomika kedachadhey perusu..idhula innonu vera..ivangaluku kalyanam panradhum divorce panradhumey polapa pochu..

  4. ramyavasudevan

    ambalinga ellorum mosamthan…oruthanum raman kidaiyathu…ana  ponnunga thappa nadantha avlo than..ulagame mathikkathu. ponnunga thalaiyezhuthu..adjust panni poma…

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