Bhavana all set for a sexy make-over in Tamil

Bhavana in sexy role

She has always been seen in girl-next-door roles in her films. The media and the fans have felt that actress Bhavana has what it takes to become an actress of substance on the lines of Revathy, Suhasini, et al. Somehow, Bhavana doesn’t seem to be getting the big break that actresses need to go to another level from that of a beginner and a struggler.

Bhavana, it appears, has decided that she has had enough of the ‘girl-next-door’ roles and is gearing up for a hitherto unseen new avatar of hers. If the recent photo-shoot she did for a calendar is any indication to go by, then it looks like the Tamannaahs and Trishas would have stiff competition coming from Bhavana’s all-new glam avatar.

Says Bhavana: “As far as Malayalam films are concerned, I don’t need to undergo any change in appearance. I have done deglamourized as well as glamourous roles and have found a receptive audience there. I’m afraid, though, when it comes to Tamil and Telugu films, I ought to go for a sexy and glamourous look now, particularly because I have so far presented only a ‘homely’ look to these audiences.”

She, however, is aware of the ‘thin separating line’ between looking glamourous and getting vulgar. “I’m sure I’d never breach that. I would always go for costumes in which I feel comfortable and which look good on me. I have so far resisted the temptation of putting on revealing costumes and I knew I had to have the ‘near perfect’ physique to carry off such costumes.

“I pumped it out in the gym and sweated a lot doing exercises to get my present figure which, I’m sure, would look good on all kinds of costumes. I have been getting many offers after ‘Asal’ but haven’t taken up any of them as none of the scripts has excited me. I’m hopeful of making a strong comeback soon in Tamil films,” assures Bhavana.


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