Bharaths next flick with Vasanthabalan

Vasanthabalan gives a positive nod to Bharath
Vasanthabalan gives a positive nod to Bharath

Director Vasanthabalan who has critically acclaimed movies such as ‘Veyyil’ ‘Angaadi Theru’ and debut flick ‘Album’ to his credit has now signed up Bharath for his next flick a historical offering with World War II period as its backdrop. Actor Bharath’s career graph has seen a downward slope lately but looks like the actor has still got that special something that never fails to impress directors.

But many are worried with this decision as they feel that it is risky business to rope in Bharath. The deal has been made not keeping in mind his current performances but the brand value Bharath possesses which can still fill theatres with a decent audience .The deal is a big budget one supposedly 10 crores just like Vasanthabalan’s recent film Aravaan a big budget periodic film promising to be something new.

Currently both the director and actor seem to be busy, as Bharath is engaged with ‘Yuvan Yuvathi’ and Vasanthabalan with Aravaan (yet to be completed), after which they will come together for this historical offering.

Hope it brings the much needed break that Bharath awaits.


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