Bharathiraja criticizes Vijay

Bharathiraja criticizes Vijay’s stand on Mullai Periyar Dam issue

Bharathiraja criticizes Vijay

Kollywood watchers have been observing with keen interest as to which actors and actresses do raise their voices in favour of Tamil Nadu in the contentious Mullai-Periyar Dam issue. Some observers point out that the frontline heroes purpose keep ‘mum’ on the issue so as not to do ‘any harm’ to their Kerala market as well as for the reason that most of the leading heroines hail from the neighbouring State of Kerala.

Veteran director Bharathiraja, who doesn’t mince his words whenever he wants to criticize something or someone, is at it again. The director-par-excellence has commented about a leading Kollywood here’s ‘silent attitude’ towards a very serious issue which has the potential to harm and nullify the livelihood of millions of Tamil farmers.

“When Gandhian Anna Hazare led his protest by going on fast at Delhi’s Ramlila Grounds, one of our leading heroes who does possess loads of black money went all the way to Delhi to express his solidarity with Anna’s crusade and express his unstinted support. Has the same hero become blind or deaf now; does he remain unaware of the Tamilians who are literally fighting to save their lives and livelihood in the Dam issue?

“Does the actor (read Vijay) not know how to go to Theni and express his support to the suffering Tamils? I condemn this attitude in the strictest of terms,” thunders Bharathiraja in the interview given to a Tamil weekly in its latest issue.

Now, isn’t it time for the other side to respond?


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