Bharath and Rima on the underwater experience in Yuvan Yuvathi

Yuvan Yuvathi
Yuvan Yuvathi

Bharath and Rima are enjoying every second of their shoot for the flick Yuvan Yuvathi; they have a great chemistry off screen too.

We caught up with the duo to discuss about underwater shooting sessions at Seychelles and much more.

Have a look at what both had to say as we spoke to them individually.

Here is the Yuvan’s experience
How was it working with Rima?

So far, so good! The best part of working with her is that she understands Tamil and can speak reasonably well too. So, there is no question of a language barrier. She’s alwaysfull of energy and makes everyone feel comfortable on the sets.

Was it exciting shooting underwater?

It has to be the Seychelles shooting schedule. We did a lot of underwater scenes and I was petrified to shoot them as I’m not a great swimmer. When I learnt that Rima was hydrophobic, I got interested and even tried pushing her into the deep sea!
How rude of you Bharat.

Which other actor will make a great pair with Rima?

I think Jeeva. Both are tall and my gut feeling is that they’ll look good together.

It was Yuvathi’s turn next.

How was it working with Bharath?

He is a thorough professional and is always looking to deliver the best. Though he is a great dancer, he makes sure that he attends all rehearsals and never gives up unless he is satisfied with the outcome.

It was a lot of fun. Though he’s popular, he didn’t throw any tantrums. He was very patient while I was learning my dialogues. This is my first film in Tamil, I never felt like an outsider throughout the shoot.

Was it exciting shooting underwater?

The Seychelles schedule, for sure! I was very scared when I realized that I had to film my scenes under water. For a song titled Oh My Angel…, Bharath actually tried pushing me into the water even though I was screaming all the while! And, I almost cried when he went off on a helicopter to observe the locales for the song. I’ve always wanted to go on one and so when he left me and took off, it was very disappointing.

But I was happy soon as he got me nice earrings in Seychelles…. they’re breathtakingly beautiful.

That’s wonderful.

Ok one more question for you.

Which actress could complement Bharath?

I loved the Bharath and Sandhya combination in Kaadhal. Among the newer crop, I think Hansika will look great opposite Bharath.

We thanked Yuvan and Yuvathi for sharing their experience.

The script revolves around two individuals who fall for each other while working for an IT firm.

We hope they keep enjoying their happy ride and wish this Yuvan and Yuvathi bring smiles to their admirers with this release.


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