Bala’s Avan Ivan Shooting Stopped, Vishal drops off the boat

Bala recently won the national award as ‘Best Director’ for his “Naan Kadavul” .The director is at present directing ‘Avan Ivan’ that is supposed to be about two brothers. The film features actors arya and vishal stars in lead roles.Janani Iyer is making debut as heroine in tamil through Avan Ivan. The film is produced by AGS Entertainment and Yuvan Shankar Raja scores music. Bala joins with yuvan after his earlier movie ‘Nandha’.

The film’s first rolling session started in tiruneveli district in southern tamil nadu. Bala earlier stated in a press meet, “I’ll complete ‘Avan Ivan’ shooting within six months from now; I can assure this to all of you”.

All these are known facts, the latest news is that the Avan Ivan shooting has been held up, the reason was unknown.Meanwhile the buzz from another circles of kodambakkam is that Vishal’s request to change the screenplay as arya’s role weighs much more than formers role, has angered the director, resulting in director to announce the pack up and returned to Chennai. Sources also say Vishal has left the film. Awaiting an official announcement, currently both the ends are tight lipped.



  1. Anonymous

    Vishal is useless Bala. Think of someone else in his place and continue the shooting.

    He know only to act like others, he doesn't have any originality. I am pitty on him that even sometimes he is trying to act like Danush.

    So he is not deserved to act in your movie, so throw him out.

  2. Anonymous

    yes yes..vishal looks like a fool on screen….see what money can do to you…there are way better actors in kollywood that needs your boost…for example jeeva, danush, karthi, barath, simbu, and so on….i am not saying that these actors are not well of on thier own..but just that it would be a treat for the audience when bala is involved…thank you….get lost vishal..i think there is a spot in tolly wood for you as a car driver.

  3. anbu

    bala knows about vishal performance.So that only he put vishal on this you have no rights to speak about vishal.I Love Vishal……………..

  4. Krishna

    Vishal also a gud actor in chellame and sandakozhi. After that he did't get a chance to prove his acting.. So al of u shut ur mouth.. After the Avan ivan al r know abt vishal's acting skills..

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