Bala- Vikram to work together after Avan Ivan

Bala has decided his next film even as ‘Avan Ivan’ is still shooting and that will be with Vikram. It is going to be a real quickie in Bala’s time machine. He has promised Vikram that he will complete it in eight months flat.

Bala has changed a lot. That’s what friends in his close circle say. Usually Bala doesn’t think of his next film when he is working on one. He won’t even think of two story lines at onetime. But Bala has changed a lot.

To accomplish the upcoming movie with Vikram Bala has already deputed two of his assistants who worked with him in ‘Naan Kadavul’ to prepare the first version of the script suiting Vikram. He has briefed them his ideas and put them in a hotel to complete the first draft before he finishes ‘Avan Ivan’.

Vikram is also excited to join his director who got him his first national award for best actor with ‘Pithamagan’. Vikram is likely to take up this film after the one with Boopathi Pandian.

Sources also say, Bala also has zeroed down on Nivedita, an actress whose previous credits include Kadhai and Porkkalam. It is worth a mention here that Bala had already signed up Janani Iyer as one of the two heroines.


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