Avan Ivan gets embroiled in Singampatti Zamindar controversy

GM Kumar Avan Ivan
GM Kumar's role in controversy

Director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ has already gotten into an unsavoury controversy. Whether or not the controversy would help the film in improving its already good performance at the box-office remains to be soon. Usually, if one goes by the past record, controversies tend to boost the box-office prospects of any film.

‘Avan Ivan’ stars Vishal and Aarya in lead roles. The bone of contention is a couple of sequence in the film which reportedly depicts the landlord (Zamindar) of Singampatti and the Kaaraiyar Sorimuthaiyanar Temple in bad light.  Zamin Theerthapathi(played by GM Kumar), a character in the film, is shown to be a drunkard who gets into pretty quarrels; in the climax, he is shown to be stripped and beaten black and blue by the villain.

Residents of Ambai and Alangulam localities in the State are up in arms against the character of Sorimuthu in the film, who is shown to be living by depending entirely on the temple. Wall-posters have come up in Ambai and Tirunelveli condemning these sequences. Residents of Singampatti community have announced that cases would be filed in the Court against ‘Avan Ivan’.

Singampatti’s community elders say that many hospitals and schools which came up in the name of Theerthapathi Raja almost 100 years back are run even today by the Government and that the Sorimuthaiyanar Temple belongs to their community. Various festivals and functions are held in that temple which is frequented by lakhs and lakhs of devotees during no-moon days, they claim.

They further claim that while the community is still respected and looked upon with hope by the local populace, it it regrettable that the archaic temple and the Singampatti community have shown in ‘bad light’. Bala is condemned and is requested to delete all those sequences from the film, failing which he’ll have to face ‘legal’ sequences, they concluded.


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