Asins secret wedding with Salman Khan

Asin secretly married Salman Khan?
Asin secretly married Salman Khan?

The news of Asin’s secret marriage with Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken over South India with a rage after a Kerala local newspaper announced Asin’s “marriage” with Salman with photographic evidence. Rumours spreading around in tinsel town that Asin tied the knot with Salman Khan earlier this week in the presence of close friends, and her parents weren’t invited and they stormed into the wedding mid-way and tried to stop it.

When the “news” of Asin’s wedding reached her native place Kerala, the actress was flooded with congratulatory messages, with her fan base and relatives in Kerala wondering why she chose to marry without inviting near and dear ones.

The actress sighs deeply when responding, “At last, the rumours are coming true. Salman and I are finally married. It’s a first for both of us. Too bad, it is only in a movie (Anees Bazmee’s Ready). But Salman can’t stop joking about the “solemn” occasion,” said Asin.

Amid giggles, Asin states in a tabloid chat, “I’m really enjoying this wholewedding bit joke. I almost feel married to Salman now. The family opposition bit is also part of the script. ”

Asin adds that she never knew that getting married was so much fun and adventure. She says, “I’ve gone through Malayali, Tamil and Telugu marriages in my films, but this is my first Punjabi wedding. I’ve loved every moment of it and even danced at my own ‘sangeet’ I’ve been taking the ‘saat pheras’ in my bridal outfit for a week now.”

The much married actress (hey, in movies only) has stumbled upon the joys of afull throttle Punjabi wedding. In fact, both Asin and Salman have decided they will get married true Punjabi style, if and when it happens.

Asserts Asin, “Salman and I have made a pact. It’ll be a big fat Punjabi wedding.”

Well! We may expect the real wedding to happen soon.



  1. Asin Hater

    Asin is very clever…She knows this is the right time to settle down with rich guy…But this cunning Salman guy had lots of affair…

    The list is end less…Now Asin too joins the list…

    Idhellam sahajambaa

  2. fdsft

    ava slamana marrige pannaralo avanoda appana marriage pannaralo ivanungaluku ennavam? unga pondatiya ean O** reenga nu iva wanthu kelvi ketala???

    summa pongada

  3. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.

  4. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.

  5. Vasin

    Admin neenga loosa? Respectful’a comments podravangaluku naan aggressive’a elutharathilla. Athoda po…, pun… thev…..ko….ect. nu ellam eltharavangala neenga kanduka maateengala. If I happen to know you I will smash your nose you idiot.

  6. Vasin

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