Asin yells at hair stylist

Asin yells at hair stylist


When everything was going jolly good for Asin as she busily engaged in climbing trees, hanging from the branches and even getting herself a new title as ‘Lady Tarzan’ by  bravely feeding some lion cubs leaving her male members of the crew in shame, the svelte actress has now made news for throwing tantrums in the dressing room.

Apparently Asin’s hairstylist was giving her hair the regular treatment getting the extensions fixed and stuff but somehow she failed to please the demanding heroine. Asin held her nerve for quite a while and her dissatisfaction was getting unbearable with the stylist failing at her 4th attempt to fix those dangling knots. The ‘hot Kollywood import’ couldn’t hold it anymore and she yelled at the poor lady, even blaming her saying that this was all planned up by someone trying to ‘pull me down’. The embarrassed-stylist walked out of the room leaving a fuming Asin all by herself.

A piece of advice, Asin why don’t you let that hair down and just chill for a while, a trip back south might do the trick.



  1. Aravind

    Its very common for people like u to ditch helpless people……..u would just give statements like Mother Theresa in media and in back stage u r rude and adoment…hate u bitch……………

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