Asin case against scribes

Asin threatens to slap legal suit against media reporters

Asin case against scribes

Gossips and link-ups and film artistes are as inseparable as skin and flesh. This has been the case in all the language industries, both in India and abroad. In fact, many artistes thrive on gosspis about them and some even go out of their way in ‘planning’ gosspis and rumours about them in the press so as to remain etched in the memory of the movie-going public when their films are not doing well.

Asin appears to be not belonging to the above-said tribe of actors and actresses. The actress, who is one of the few actresses from down South who have made it to the list of top actresses in Bollywood, has said that she’d file legal cases against scribes who publish false and unconfirmed news items about her. Mumbai press is yet to react to this threat meted out by Asin.

Till she was a successful heroine in Tamil, Asin had always shared a good rapport with the media and the presspersons. However, ever since she hit the shores of Mumbai to try out her luck in Bollywood, she has been continually linked with one hero or the other including Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Some reports even linked her to Shah Rukh Khan, with whom she hasn’t done a single film.

In the aftermath of recent (unconfimed) reports saying that she is ‘living together with Salman Khan’, Asin has said, “I find many rumours appearing in the press linking me to my various co-stars. I’m a typical middle-class family girl and I don’t need to indulge in ‘living together’ culture. Henceforth, I shall not tolerate things written in an irresponsible manner about me. I shall file legal suits against such scribes,” she says.


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