Asin rejects Rajini

Asin and Rajinikanth

It’s every actress’s wish in Kollywood to make at least one film with Superstar Rajinikanth. Suprisingly Asin is said to have rejected the offer to play opposite Rajinikanth in the most anticipated flick ‘Raana’, say reports. As we reported earlier, Rajini plays three different age groups in the movie and Deepika Padukone has been confirmed to star against the younger Rajini while Bollywood actress Rekha has been considered for the Senior Rajini.

Asin was offered the role of the paur of the middle aged Rajini as the team wanted someone with an appeal down south while maintaining a pan-Indian presence. However Asin who is struggling to find a foothold in Bollywood as she is looking forward to change things with Salman Khan movie Ready, is said to have rejected the offer.

Instead of wasting the time convincing her, the team went ahead and signed Vidya Balan who has been making top news for grabbing Santhosh Sivan’s mega-budget offering Urumi.

Now who will tell Asin that she has missed once in a lifetime opportunity?.



  1. Vasin

    India’la enna irka? Tolerance. Freedom. Family and Relations Love. Enna ippo atha romba peru abuse pannaranaanga. So we need to adjust it big time. Enniya evlau thittuvanga. Aana eniku India’la vaalrathuku rights irku rngratha mathichu nadanthukuvanga.

  2. hey

    Excuse me but this all rumours. She was not approached for the movie. Plus she is a great actress. people made the rumours about her supporting srilankan government is to let lousy actresses on top like tamanna, anushka, trisha, amala paul, anjali. Since there are more beautiful actresses coming up, they blacklisted her to kick out of tamil industry and continue bollywood. All because of her two years absence. this is all nonsense, she always the best actress after simran and jothika. rest are just ducks and dolls.

  3. hey

    wat r u sayin. She would only act with vijay, surya, vikram, kamal, ajith , and rajini. She is the highest paying actress in south after illeana d’cruz. She is a good actress. This ranna and asin are all rumours. She was not approached. Even if she was, its a good thing tht she’ve rejected the offer, becuz she is a top actress who should do lead female roles, not supoorting roles. She is the only actress who has acting talents, beauty, fans, highest paid, and dances well, after jothika and simran.
    Trisha is there for money when she doesnt hav talent.
    Shriya only dresses nice.
    Genelia is cute. Tamanna is a duck. (y is she in the industry)
    nayantara skin show.
    priyamani is good at acting but she’s ugly.
    Only asin made good use of the film industry. She is not deserved to get all the harsh comments. I m dissapointed in all of u guys

    1. shangeetha

      After entering into Bollywood.. Asin forgot kollywood..demanding more money to work in Tamil film industry.. But beauty is..she doesn’t hav that much of fans here..better u don’t come to kollywood..

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