Asin in tears: Exit from Kaakha Kaakha remake in Hindi

asin dropped from hindi khaka khaka

Asin was eagerly waiting to re-enter Bollywood through ‘Kaakha Kaakha’ remake in Hindi. Now her dreams seemed to be busted.

News come out that John Abraham has refused to work with Asin and has told producer Vipul Shah to replace Asin in his Kaakha Kaakha remake in Hindi. John thinks that Asin doesn’t suit the role and prefers a sexier looking actress for the film”. This news has made Asin in tears and news come out that “Asin was close to tears” hearing these rumours.

Even if Asin is not working with John, she is busy preparing to do Anees Bazmee’s Ready (from Telugu) remake opposite her London Dreams hero Salman Khan.

Sources close to Asin say that the actress has shifted her priority, back to Kollywood. Asin’s immediate objective is to give priority to director Siddique to complete his Kavalkaran with Vijay, which will be the actor’s Diwali release.



  1. Anonymous

    I think now Asin learned a lesson not to trust those bollywood people so much…
    I say this bcoz I watched her talking so proudly about them in an interview…

  2. Anonymous

    Hei ASIN, u should come back to kollywood rather than sticking with those DAMN BITCH HEAD bollywood stars!

  3. Anonymous

    John Abraham is such a DICK HEAD!
    IF I am a person who stays in INDIA, I would definitely find and throw ACID in his face…!
    That should teach him a lesson!

  4. Anonymous

    I think John Abraham is juz jealous that ASIN had won numerous awards for her superb performance in Ghajini…
    What did he mean by he want sexy?
    Didnt he watch the original Khaka khaka!?
    Jothika didnt perform sexy to the audience!

  5. Anonymous

    John Abraham vantu oru parathesi nayee + theruporikki nayee and panja parathesi nayee…!

  6. Anonymous

    asin is a gem and this guy is from the sewers and has a bad mind .people wud kill him in chennai if he comes lolz

  7. Anonymous

    what the fuck in bollywood………..they dont have good creative people…….kolywood 1000 times better than bolly………within few yrs tamil industry goona be good….

  8. Anonymous

    to above supporters of Asin.

    Asin unnoda pondattiya enna? poi unnoda veetu pengala mariyathaya vechiko da paradesi.

    above is common in cinema and everywhere. they will deal with it. so you have something to deal with. respect women in your house

  9. Anonymous

    i am pretty sure they respect women in their house, that's why they are coming out and supporting others, too.. think abt it..

    Although asin didn't do justice to the role in gharshana as much as jyothika in kaaka kaaka…she is still a great actress…i mean, that movie was when she JUST started acting, so we can't expect much…but now that she has a lot of experience, she will be wonderful for the movie role… john looks gross, i can't believe he has female-fan following, he and his underwear!

  10. Anonymous

    indian govt is racist. will only acknowledge people related to brahmins. brahmins are there in every corner of indian government authority as IAS, IPS, Income Tax, CBI etc…then, how will other caste grow. brahmins include all other caste which will do anything for money like reddy, marathi, rajput. this is the reason why maoist fighting. I am from top caste in India but this is what I feel about India. even europeans and American will feel the same I guess

  11. Brandy

    Asin just come back to the tamil industry.. we miss you here!!
    screw bollywood..there all screwed up with a big A.S nut through there head lol.. Asin is hot!! and she Rocks!.

  12. Anonymous

    Previous Anonymous, I think u should mind your language when make your comment…
    Try to give your comment in a appropriate manner…

  13. Anonymous

    to previous anonymous.. I think u shut up your ass. I have a right to talk about all. Is asin is your wife or ur pro*****?

  14. Anonymous

    Asin is a malayalee and John Abraham's father is a malayalee. in magnet, two same sides (south and south or north and north poles) will not stick together. u got it!!!

    asin – ithu thevaya.

    south indians irrespective of caste and language(u name it – reddy, iyer, naboodiri, gowda, thevar, mudaliyar, vanniyar, nadar), we all have some common factor…south indians mouth is little bit big/twisted or endowed. this is not the case for most north indians.

  15. Anonymous

    this looks like rubbish. john seems to be a nice guy from his interviews. if this is true, it shows how twisted hindi industry is. asin, just come back to south industry who give you more respect back. however, i don't mind john and deepika either…

  16. amit

    John chutya hai sala usko lagta vo sexy hai mere khayal se asin suit hi nahi hoti vo kitni achi dikhti hai aur vo chu sala

  17. amit

    John gey hai isliye use pair me abhishek ya aur koi hero chahiye,asin dont worry u get more offer by various big director

  18. Anonymous

    john needs some smacking on his butt. hello wake up most of ur movies are an utter flop. so u might need asin to at least give u a super hit movie once an for all. moreover u dont need any sexy actress for this role. Asin i would suggest you to come back to kollywood and do great movies there. We would love you the way you are. we are always there for u. take care

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