Asin followed closely by an ardent admirer

Fan fakes illness for Asin!
Fan fakes illness for Asin!

Desperate fans often resort to desperate measures but this specific one should go down in history.

Samuel is one such case who tried all the tricks to get as close as he could to actress Asin.

It’s been few months now that Asin has been followed very closely by this guy. He has been following the adorable ‘girl of his dreams’ everywhere you could imagine shooting schedules, Internet and where not. Every move she made he watched silently for the perfect moment to approach her.

A very close source mentioned, “This person tried getting her phone number from Asin’s business manager. When he failed, he pleaded he just wanted to talk.”

After repeated attempts he had no choice but to give in. Wait! How could he just let everything out of hand so easily, so he decides to tell his mom everything and moreover convinces her to help her son in getting ‘the girl of his dreams’Lucky guy, believe it or not his mom agreed!

Soon Samuel’s mother sends one last SMS to Asin’s manager.

The message read, “Samuel is critically ill, he spells out your name every time he wakes up. Kindly do us a favor of seeing him one last time before anything happens.”

Now the mother wants Asin to visit him atleast once! But Asin is not eager to do this!

Asin commented on it later, “If he was a genuine fan he wouldn’t harass my staff this way.” .Hats off to the youngster’s efforts, we are sure he will find someway out again.

Asin seems to gather a good male following day by day. Good luck to her.



  1. Vasin

    We should love our girls passionately. He loves Asin Passionately. It is a great thing. I hope he would not give up. Good Luck Samuel. 

  2. Tamizhan

    Dont get too obsess with cinema artist, brother…!
    They are just entertainers who are paid…
    Dont ruin your life for something that is not important…
    Live with confidence to see your future Samuel!

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