Asin dared to feed tiger cubs


Actress Asin has always been appreciated for the mild manner in which she would hold herself during the breaks in shootings, be it outdoors or indoors. Not many would have predicted that the façade of a soft face hides a courageous self behind, which came to the forefront during the recent shooting schedule of her upcoming Hindi film.

Asin has been shooting for ‘Ready’ opposite Salman Khan. During the latest shooting schedule, Asin was required to do some tough assignments like climbing the trees, handing from the branches of high trees, etc. Contrary to the crew’s prediction that she would opt for a safe ‘duplicate’ to do these things, Asin went about everything in a very casual manner surprising Salman and the entire crew.

Asin’s alacrity didn’t go unnoticed. When the shooting was held in the Tiger Temple locality in Thailand, the crew went around the place, which was an open zoo having many tigers in their cages. Still, the roaring of the tigers sent shivers down their spines. Male members of the crew kept up a ‘safe distance’ from the tigers while taking their photographs.
Asin again surprised them by going near the tigers and even feeding some cubs. When a crew member asked her whether she felt scared when feeding the tiger by placing her hand in its mouth, Asin’s one-line reply was “If you had guts in the mind, nothing would make you feel scared of!”

Lady Tarzan in the making?



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