Asin craves for publicity, blames Bollywood director Hriday Shetty

Asin Ready

Actress Asin is reasonably happy that he latest Hindi film ‘Ready‘ has been doing rather steady at the box-office. The film, which is Asin’s second film opposite the flamboyant Salman Khan, created lots of trouble for Asin in Kollywood which vehemently opposed Asin’s visit to Colombo last year to shoot for the film.

Meanwhile, a Bollywood director has openly accused Asin of ‘craving for publicity’ and ‘planting stories in the press’ to further her career. Hriday Shetty, who is presently directing a film starring veteran Naseeruddin Shah, has accused Asin of clamouring for publicity. He said it was Asin who spread rumours that she would be pairing up opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh for his film, which has been denied by the actor himself.

Asin, who has been doing many commercials, has been in the news for some reason or the other. Shetty feels this has been a ‘calculated ploy’ on the part of the actress who has even created news that she was pairing up opposite Shah Rukh Khan while there is no proposal to pair her up opposite the ‘King’ Khan.

Will Asin come out clean to defend herself in the light of the accusations?



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