Asin claims she’s not beautiful


Actress Asin is eagerly looking forward to her next major release in Hindi which would be ‘Ready’ opposite Salman Khan. It was during the shooting of the film in Sri Lanka last year that Asin ran into lot of trouble with the Tamil fans who ‘strongly objected’ to her visiting the rife-torn Island Nation to shoot for her Hindi film. Asin, though, maintained that it was not she who had the right to decide as to where to shoot and where not to shoot.

Strangely enough, Asin reveals that she is ‘unaware’ of the ‘gazing’ eyes of men. “Frankly speaking, I haven’t particularly noticed any man staring at me. In fact, I don’t think I’m too beautiful. Really, I haven’t yet caught any man blindly staring at me uptil now. In a way, it helps; we actresses are always in the public eye and if we’re to constantly bother about who is looking at whom, we won’t be able to concentrate in our work,” says Asin.

Talking about her equation with Salman Khan, she says, “Salman is a nice co-star. Rumours linking us and ‘marrying us’ do sound very funny to me. Agreed, this is my second film with him on the trot but I’m almost half his age and can’t possibly have an ‘affair’ with him. So far, he hasn’t recommended me for any project in the past and the same is not likely to occur in future too”.

“I have a family and my parents are there to take care of my needs. Those spreading rumours should spare a thought as to how my parents would feel when they come across such news items. I would like to make it absolutely clear that as and when I get married, it would surely be with a South Indian. At that time, I’d announce it to the whole world ant won’t keep it as a secret.

“Career-wise, I have just signed up a project opposite Shah Rukh Khan for a new film. I play a South Indian in the film who falls in love with a guy (Shah Rukh, of course!) from Delhi. With this film, I have starred opposite the triumvirate of Khans (Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir) who are on top in Bollywood,” concludes Asin on a rather happy note.



  1. kh

    ur not beautiful n ur correct about tat. i hate u for visiting srilanka n taking pictures with rajapakse family. stupid cow

  2. Jolna

    Yeah, finnally something for real. Thats right you are not beautiful, you are just hiding your fugly face behind that thick make up. bluek


    Sorry bingi, jolna, kh… i was drunk, I am uglly like ASIN thats why I got angry. I look like Lorry le adipate frog… Please forgive me

  4. A Sri Lankan Tamil

    Ms. Asin, thanks for spending some time with Tamils in Sri Lanka.  Your heart is beautiful and that is what others see in you!

    To a more peaceful world, We appriciate your efforts.

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