Asin avoiding Tamil films for settling in Bollywood?

Asin avoids Tamil films

Actress Asin appears to be at the crossroads of her career. The actress, who has managed to make a mark in Bollywood thanks to a few hit films, isn’t finding the going that easy in Hindi films despite the fact that her latest film ‘Ready’ opposite Salman fared rather well at the box-office.

Asin was very busy with her Tamil and Telugu films when she entered Hindi films with ‘Ghajini’ opposite Aamir Khan a few years back. The film turned out to be a super-duper hit. Asin followed it up with a failure titled ‘London Dreams’ opposite Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn. After courting trouble for shooting in Lanka for ‘Ready’, the success of the film is the least consolation she might have expected.

In between, she starred in the Tamil film ‘Kaavalan’ opposite Vijay. The film was a hit film and turned the tide in favour of Vijay, whose previous 5-6 films hadn’t done that well at the box-office. Though Asin reportedly got many Tamil film offers after ‘Kaavalan’, she is said to have avoided them as she considered it a ‘climb down’ to start starring in Tamil films after her stint in Bollywood.

At this very moment, she is stated to be in a ‘tense’ mood as she wasn’t getting many offers in Hindi too despite ‘Ready’ doing brisk business at many centres. She, however, doesn’t express her disappointment openly and is keeping her fingers crossed hoping that things would work out in her favour sooner than later.



  1. june

    starring in films is a privilege no matter what language…she better start choosing any projects that come her way to keep body and soul together….what a spoiled brat

  2. prakash

    these are all Nobody knows where it will go and where it will …
    but We ppl are very clear… If one bi… goes, ,, there will be 100 bi…es coming into kollywood..

  3. june

    I agree with you prakash, i don’t think anyone knows or wants to act…just here for the luxurious life…..glad you got to the point

  4. DK

    no one remembers her in kollywood…its immaterial whether she is in bollywood or Mollywood..she was so unimpressive in kavalan n ready as well..Anushka shetty,Kajal Agarwal,Anjali,Tamanna,Shruti,samantha,innum yevlo peru irukumbothu asin avathu pisin avathu..apadiya patte Aishwarya Rai,Deepika padukone,sonakshi sinha’ve tamil padathle nadikum bothu intha munjiye yaaru papange..angeye irukkutum intha nanri ketta nadigai..

  5. Vasin

    You can’t require require her to be any extra responsible than an ordinary citizen because you didn’t give her what she has; rudeness is no crime and in the first place she is just doing what is best for her career; is it rude?

  6. june

    yes it is rude…she should keep feelings to herself as she is old enough to do it. if she thinks its a step down nobody is gonna beg at her feet for her to come back, but it is tamil and telugu films that offered her her pass to hindi films, she shouldn’t just diss south india because some of her hindi films are hits….if she doesn’t want to choose the roles, just dismiss them politely, she doesn’t have to diss south indians as we’re some kind of shit when she hit some jackpot, it’s rude, and unnecessary. period.

  7. Smile

    Either she starts accepting good scripts her way regardless of language or call it a day.She was so artificial in Kavalan.Definitely Nayan did a better job….

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