Asin’s a travel crazy tourist

Asins a travel crazy tourist

Asin might have left her Kollywood heart back home, but she still got her girly ways intact, as she wanders away to lovely places and learning about the people and their cultures. The suave beauty has finally landed herself in Pink City Jaipur among the Rajas and Maharajas.

Being the queen she is, Asin did take sometime to get adjusted to the new locations and people. Soon she would catch up on every travel book on Jaipur, room-wide maps, lots of internet surfing and a host of travel DVD’s until she could tell a black road leading to the shopping mall from another one leading to the pink huts on the opposite side. Infact director Rohit Shetty (OK …forgot …! Asin is acting in his movie named Bol Bachchan) rests all his responsibility of finding the next hotspot for shoot on Asin’s shoulders. She has become so acquainted with the place that even the locals seek help from her while searching for the lost routes.(Now technically whose lost?)

So Queen Asin finally did capture the Jaipur flag…eh?



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