Arya Nayantara

Arya and Nayantara getting closer?

Arya Nayantara

Arya is surely on a roll. The actor has been enjoying probably the best phase in his life during the past 2-3 years. He has had super-hit films like Madarasapattinam, Avan Ivan, Boss Engira Baskaran and Vettai during this period though his Chikku Bhukku didn’t fare as well as expected. With more hits than misses, he has become one of the most sought-after heroes in Kollywood.

The actor has also launched his own production house and has completed his first production venture titled Padithurai which would soon be hitting the screens. In recent times, it’s not his professional life but his personal life which has caught the attention of movie-goers and cine-journalists.

When his Vettai hit the screens in January this year, it was rumoured that he was in love with his co-star Amala Paul. Interestingly enough, none of them denied it as they might have though that such a ‘news’ would help the film’s showing at the box-office. In the end, the film ended up as a hit venture; let’s not go behind the reasons for it. It is now said that Amala and Aarya are not even on talking terms with each other.

Aarya’s recent bash at the ‘grihapravesam’ he had organized at his new house wasn’t attended by Amala (it is said she that was not invited at all). In fact, it was the presence of Nayanthara (who had paired up opposite Aarya in Boss Engira Baskaran) who lit the traditional kuthuvilakku at the new house which caught the attention of everyone present on the occasion.

Aarya has reportedly recommended Nayan as heroine in one of his upcoming films. Is he getting into the void filled by Prabhudeva in Nayan’s life?


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