Arvind Swamy to play villain in Vishal-Trisha starrer

Arvind Swamy to play villain

Remember Arvind Swamy who debuted as ‘Collector’ in Rajini’s super-hit film ‘Thalapathy’ almost two decades back? The stunning-looking Arvind Swamy, who was introduced in films by ace director Maniratnam, went on to star in successful movies such as ‘Roja’, ‘Bombay’ and ‘Minsara Kanavu’. The urban-looking Swamy couldn’t handle village subjects and hence sustain himself as a leading hero for a long time.

More than a decade after he starred in his last film, Arvind Swamy would now be making a comeback in Tamil films. He played a brief role in Maniratnam’s ‘Alaipayudhae’, though, which launched Madhavan in Tamil films as hero. This time Arvind won’t be playing the hero but a villain in Vishal’s upcoming film. The film, to be directed by Thiru, would have Vishal pairing up opposite Trisha for the first time.

Arvind Swamy, in the intervening decade, had put on weight around his once-slim waist and lost some hair. Arvind has a successful business running on the professional front. Though he was courted by many directors to star in their films, he had always shied away saying he would star in a particular film only if the script appealed to him.

Thiru’s script appeared to have re-kindled the acting instincts which lay buried for a long time deep inside Arvind Swamy’s heart and he immediately agreed to star in the film.

It’d be surely interesting to see how Swamy pulls off his villain’s role, considering the fact that he has only played hero’s roles so far!



  1. Smile

    WoW…arvind swamy…One of the all time favs.Who can forget his Roja,Bombay and Minsara kanavu??Appadiye en kannule nikkudhu.Eppadi erundha arvind swamy eppo eppadi aitare?But no way will i see him as a villain.He’s always a hero…

  2. DK

    che nambave mudiyale..once heart throb ippo yuvlo kevalama irukar??south indian hero’ke oru puthiya parinamam kuduthavaru..North Indian girls’ku ivaru meley appadi voru craze..i remember some stills of movie engineer,where he n madhuri dixit were suppose to act in that movie…it got shelved for whatever reason..he was on his best those time..who can forget Indian movie,athule sendhil vode peru arvind swamy ache..rib tickling comedy it was..ippo kitte kitte sendhil madri than theriyuraru in terms of hair stlye 😉

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  4. Gothildhavanu

    Sorry Smile…Next time nanu ketta words use madodhilla…Ninu namavane antha nanu swalpa jasthi mathadbitae..

  5. Smile

    @Respect….Even i shouldn’t have replied to such cheap comments.Usually i don’t but Gothildhavanu kept irritating me so frequently that i decided to give back.

    @Gothildhavanu….I am sorry to have reacted but pls be decent next time.This is a public forum.

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