Arulnidhis Fracture Sentiment

Arulnidhi Udhayan

Whether he wishes to express it or not, the tag of a high-profile grandson follows Arulnidhi as a shadow wherever he goes. Arulnidhi, son of Tamilarasu and grandson of DMK supremo M. Karananidhi, is eagerly awaiting the release of upcoming film Udhayan.

The lanky hero is quite happy to be playing his ‘normal self’ in Udhayan. “Playing a rural guy in my debut film ‘Vamsam’ was a very difficult preposition for me. I have been groomed in Chennai from my childhood and found the accent I eventually spoke in ‘Vamsam’ a tough assignment. Director Pandiraj did help me a lot in preparing for my character,” says Arulnidhi.

“My role in Udhayan was less of a challenge than the one played in ‘Vamsam’. I have even performed my own risky stunts for the film, which I believe have come out really well. I was never a politician and am not at all interested to take to politics. I request all the journalists to view me only as an actor and not to relate me to politics, just because I happen to be Kalaignar’s grandson.

Arulnishi, in a lighter vein, recalls the ‘lucky’ accidents during the shoot. “I broke my hand during the making of Vamsam and the film turned out to be a hit. Now, during the making of Udhayan, I suffered a fracture in the leg, which would obviously mean that this film would also turn out to be a hit film (laughs). The credit for the stunts I managed to do in the film goes entirely to the stunt choreographer ‘Super’ Subbarayan,” says Arulnidhi.

He is also full of praise of his co-star in the film, Praneetha, who would be debuting in Tamil films with ‘Udhayan’. “That she managed to pick up and understand the Tamil words within ten days was really appreciable,” says Arulnidhi, whose next film would be ‘Mounaguru’ to be directed by Sharath Kumar.



  1. Aravind

    Thalaiya paru……panni nakki vachu mathri….yenda unnaku kaluth ellam fracture aga kudatha???yenda panam errukun nadichu engala ellam kodumai paduthura???athan than unga familya tamilnade senthu vendam solliduchula…apprum enna da unnaku…thevdiaya payalea………..

  2. debon

    i like te ‘Thalaiya paru……panni nakki vachu mathri’ very funny.eppadi unggalala mathum  ippadi yosikka mudithithu.

  3. debon

    i like te ‘Thalaiya paru……panni nakki vachu mathri’ very funny.eppadi unggalala mathum  ippadi yosikka mudithithu.

  4. முனியாண்டி

    தமிழ் திரையுலகத்துக்கு அண்மையில் கிடைத்த மொக்க நடிகர்.

  5. முனியாண்டி

    தமிழ் திரையுலகத்துக்கு அண்மையில் கிடைத்த மொக்க நடிகர் இவர்தான்.

  6. sollamudiyathu

    would he have told the same thing about politics when DMK was in power? now that DMK is out and he is afraid that he needs support, he says so.

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