Arjun Kaatupuli

Arjun’s Kaattupuli given A Certificate

Arjun Kaatupuli

Popular Bollywood stunt choreographer Tinu Verma recent completed the shooting schedule of his upcoming Tamil-Telugu-Hindi trilingual Kaattupuli starring ‘action king’ Arjun and former beauty queen Sayali Bhagat in the lead. Tinu has choreographed stunt sequences in many films starring the likes of Amitabh Bachchan (in his heydays) and the present day superstars in Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

A well-known stunt choreographer in Tollywood too, Verma decided to cast Arjun and the out-of-favour Sayali as the lead pair in the film. The film’s Tamil version was reported screened for the members of the Censor Board in Chennai a few days back. As many as 60 Board members from various discipline watched the film. However, it is said that the film was far from engrossing to most of the members.

More than half-the Board members just couldn’t stand the film’s quality in terms of content and were reportedly spotted murmuring to themselves. In fact, one of the members couldn’t bear the violent sequences which were depicted on screen; it made him flinch so much so that he ultimately vomited. At the first instance, the Board refused to give sort of certification for the film.

The second screening, though, enabled the film to get away with an ‘A’ certification. Arjun plays a doctor who accidentally finds himself and his ladylove along with some kids trapped into the hands of the terrorists hidden in a thick forest. The rest of the film is about the rescue mission Arjun indulges in to release the hostages. The screenplay is said to be the great ‘strength’ of the film, says a member of the film’s crew.

Let’s wait to find out what’s in the film which ‘terrorised’ the Censor Board!


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