Simbu Dhanush Friendship

Are Simbu and Dhanush inseparable pals?

Simbu Dhanush Friendship

Actor Simbu has asked his fans not to say or record anything on the internet against fellow actor and friend Dhanush’s latest hit song Why this kola veri di… from the yet-to-be-released film 3. The camaraderie between the two, which has been displayed by Simbu, has taken many industry watchers by surprise.

A decade back, the media made out as if actors Ajith and Vijay were at loggerheads with each other and that both of them won’t stand each other’s sight. As it turned out, Ajith and Vijay have openly lauded each others’ films over the past few years. The two actors have become so close that their wives reportedly meet along with their children on weekends and holidays and interact in a very normal way.

Dhanush and Simbu appear to have taken a leaf out of the books of Ajith and Vijay. Both Simbu and Dhanush, whenever they come across each other, don’t miss out in exchanging pleasantries. Dhanush has penned and sung the Why this… song in the film 3 and has sung it too, thus becoming the first-ever national award winner for ‘best actor’ who has penned and sung a song in a film starring him in the lead.

The songs from Simbu’s upcoming film Osthe have also become very popular. Some of Simbu’s ultra-eager fans, however, have taken to task the lyrics of the Dhanush-song referred to in the above paras. Condemning their attitude, Simbu has tweeted in his FaceBook account that he was appealing to all his fans not to ‘say or write anything negative about the song Why this kola veri di….

He has also said that Dhanush was a ‘very good actor’ and one of his close friends. “Both I and Dhanush are in the same field; all of us have got equal rights to write a song and sing it. It has become a trend of late to write lyrics using small sentences; anybody can follow this trend. I, therefore, request my fans not to ridicule Dhanush’s song in future.”

Now you know the reason for the unprecedented torrential rains all over the State!


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