AR Murugadoss books all the auditoriums in the city for 7aam Arivu


For the next few days, it would be difficult for any aspiring danseuse to book an auditorium in the city for her dance performance or for any other purpose. Reports say that producer-director A.R. Murugadoss, who is busy making his ‘Ezhaam Arivu’ starring Surya and Shruti Haasan in the lead, has booked almost all the auditoriums in the city.

Before you might start wondering what for Murugadoss might need the services of so many auditoriums, here’s the answer. These auditorium and dance floors have been booked up in advance to train as many as 1000 performing artistes in order to prepare them to shoot live for a sequence in the film!

The last time a ‘live performance’ was turned into a film song sequence was done more than six decades back by the late and legendary producer S.S. Vasan for his epic ‘Chandralekha’ which released in 1948. Murugadoss is apparently inspired by Vasan’s effort and is said to be preparing to shoot a song on those lines.

The auditoriums that are booked have artistes rehearsing for the D-Day when the shooting would be held. Obviously, all the artistes have been split into groups and are rehearsing round-the-clock at these auditoriums.



  1. stanly

    ithalam suma show off panrathku…………enda nenagalum surya ata overa scena podringa…………………..

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