Anuya planning to take the glamour route to success


Tall and well-built Anuya debuted as Jiiva’s heroine in the successful film ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ more than a couple of years ago. The film, directed by first-timer Rajesh, managed to connect with the youth in a big way, thanks to a breezy script and a terrific comedy section involving Santhanam and Jiiva. Yuvan’s music also played a big part in the film’s success.

Anuya followed it up with a film titled ‘Madurai Sambavam’ last year. The film, starring choreographer-turned-actor Harikumar in the lead, had Anuya playing the role of a cop and did reasonably well though it wasn’t a rousing success as ‘SMS’. Anuya did ‘reveal’ her sexy-side in some sequences in ‘Madurai…’ after putting up a girl-next-door’s act in her debut film.

She also played Sundar C’s heroine in the film ‘Nagaram’, which was an average hit. “I have been told quite often by my fans and others that I look more suited to glam roles than those ‘homely’ characters. As such, I have decided to go deep into those sexy roles,” says Anuya, who has been listening to many scripts nowadays though she hasn’t decided which one would be her next film.

Though my acting in ‘SMS’ and ‘Nagaram’ was appreciated, I’ve been told frequently that I’m more suited to glam-filled roles. I play a significant role in Shankar’s ‘Nanben’, in which I play Ileana’s sister. It’s quite an important role in my career and I hope I’d get more offers once the film releases and hits the screens,” says a confident-looking Anuya.

Going glamourous doesn’t mean she won’t be taking on roles with substance, she insists. “As and when I get meaty roles, I’d sink my teeth into them,” she assures.



  1. Nanban

    Thiranthu Kaati Nadikkama! Thiramaya Kaati Nadikkalame!  Illa! Thiranthu Kaati thaan Nadippeen Enral Sakila aunty ya Pooei Santhikkavum!

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