Anushka’s Panchakshari Telugu Movie In Tamil

Anushka's Panchakshari Telugu Movie In Tamil
Anushka turned out into a hot selling actress after Arundathi and telugu producers seem to banking heavily on Anushka these days and are keen to sell the actress’s Telugu projects to Tamil industry. After Rama Narayanan made quick bucks by releasing ‘Arundhathi’ in Tamil, attempts are now being made to dub some other movies starring Anushka, is the latest news on the corner.

“First in the list will be ‘Panchakshari’, a thriller movie on the lines of ‘Arundhathi’. The movie directed by Samudra will be dubbed and released in Tamil Nadu soon,” say sources.

On the movie, they say, “It is a women-centric film which may strike a chord with female audiences. The visual effects have come out well which is expected to bring children to cinema halls. Anushka has played a powerful role

Elaborating on the other projects which would see the light in Tamil Nadu soon, sources say, “There are attempts to dub ‘Vedam’, another Anushka starrer, in Tamil. The actress has played the role of a sex worker in the movie.”

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