Anushkas loss is Tamannahs gain

Anushka Tammanah

Actress Anushka’sArundhati’ was a super-duper hit in Telugu which was dubbed in the same name in Tamil as well. The dubbed version turned out to be a super-hit venture, belying the expectations of the distributors who hoped for a moderate success. Yet, Raghava Lawrence’s latest film ‘Kanchana’ has overshadowed the success of ‘Arundhati’ with its phenomenal success both in Andhra Pradesh and in Tamil Nadu.

The common factor which united ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Kanchana’ was the evil spirit which takes our vengeance and the super-natural things that were shown to be happening. In fact, Anushka was Lawrence’s first choice to play his heroine. For some reasons (reports say that there was some serious ‘misunderstanding’ between Anushka and Lawrence), Anushka opted out at the last moment to pave way for Lakshmi Rai to be cast in the film.

Lakshmi Rai’s career, which was heading nowhere, has got a fillip thanks to the huge hit that ‘Kanchana’ has turned out to be. Amid reports that Lawrence has sold off the remake rights of ‘Kanchana’ in Hindi to a Bollywood producer for a cool Rs.2.5 crore, he has already launched his next directorial venture in Telugu with Prabhas in the lead.

Titled ‘Rebel’, Lawrence approached Anushka who had earlier assured that she would do the film. Now that she has agreed to play Kama’s lead in ‘Viswaroopam’, Anushka has once again disappointed Raghava by informing that she had no dates to allot to him at this very moment. An irritated Lawrence has gone ahead and booked Tamanaah as the heroine in ‘Rebel’.

It may not be a surprise if Tamannaah pairs up opposite Lawrence in his next venture, which could be ‘Muni-3’ or ‘Kanchana-2’!



  1. Smile

    Anushka pottu vechirundha mugam innum azhaga erundhirukum….Both of them are looking gorgeous… adakam odukkam!!!Adhaiya maintain pannunga ladies….

  2. Vasin

    Yen? Decent a answer kudu. Kindal, Nose cut answer ellam venam! Before leaving for the pub I prove you wrong.

  3. Smile

    @Vasin.Ok..Anushka pottu vechikitta nalla erukum bec she is in a traditional outfit.It will brighten her face.Adhuku sonnean.Adakam odukam maintain panna sonadhuku karanam i like ladies to be traditional.Anything?Ellarum pub ku poi dhan mattaiyavanga…neenga poradhukku munnadiye mattaiyaiteenga pole…

  4. Vasin

    Adhan Yen ladies traditional a irkanum? OK ippo you like nu than sonne but you believe it has to be that way Yen? 

  5. Smile

    @Vasin…I didn’t insist that it has to be that way.Appadi erundha nalladhunu enakku thonichu so sonnean.Thappa?Ponnu ponna erukanum…adhan azhagu.

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